Vojvodina has played a draw 2-2 (2-0) today against Freiberg in a friendly match played in Belek.

In front of about 50 spectators, the scorers for Voša were Zukić in the fifth and Čović in 17th, while goals for the German team were scored by Kaiser in the 49th and Kutlu in the 76th minute.

Teams performed in the lineups:

Vojvodina: Simić (from 73rd Toroman) – N. Andrić, Veselinović, Stojsavljević, Mirić (from 73rd Bjeković) – Đurišić, Zukić – Nešković, Mladenović (from 60th Đuričin), Kokir – Čović.

Freiberg: Burkhardt – Kaiser, Lushtaku (from 73rd Tasdelen), Kutlu, Klostermann – Muller, Celiktas, M. Andrić, Seegert – Milišić, Ikpide.

Vojvodina took the lead in the fifth minute with a real Euro goal, as Zukić hit the net directly from the corner kick.

In the 17th minute, it was already 2-0 for the red and whites, after Kokir dribbled nicely to his guard and centered, and Čović from just a meter or two from the goal line passed the ball into the net.

On the other hand, Freiberg returned in the 21st minute when Kutlu took a shot from about 18 meters distance, but the ball hit the crossbar. The German team could scored in the 35th minute, when Seegert made a good solo breakthrough, got into the penalty box and fired, but Simić did a great save. However, in the 49th minute, Freiberg managed to reduce the score.

On the left side of the pitch, Lushtaku made a good cross, and Kaiser ran well on the second post and thus beat goalkeeper Simić with a nice and precide shot.

In the 60th minute, Freiberg had a new opportunity through Klostermann, who shot well from about 16 meters distance, but the ball went over the crossbar. Only seven minutes later, Nico Seegert was given the red card for a foul over Đurišić in the middle of the pitch. However, in an agreement between the two clubs, Freiberg had the right to replace him with with a substitute, so Patrick Fossi entered the pitch.

The German team equalized in the 76th minute. At about 30 meters from his goal, Đurišić added the ball to Đuričin, who lost the ball by one of the opponent players, who practically added it to Kutlu, and he ran into the penalty area and managed to overcome Toroman with a good shot from about 15 meters distance.

Until the end of the match, no more chances were seen, so the game ended with a draw.