Vojvodina coach Radoslav Batak wants his team to improve their impression on the away courts and continue their winning streak in Kragujevac.

After two tied victories over Novi Pazar, at Karađorđe, the Old Lady is visiting Radnički 1923 on Wednesday in the 32nd round of the Mozzart Bet Super League of Serbia.

– We are preparing as we do before every game. Radnički has a lot of respect from our side and we think that, unlike our last opponent, they have a much better attack, individually and as a team in a technical and realization capacity. We have to be as ready as possible. There was no euphoria after Novi Pazar, but we immediately turned to the match with Radnički, because we want to continue the winning streak. We want to improve our image on away games, because we only had a game and a result in Niš so far. We have to be bolder and braver and know what we want, because our opponent in front of his audience will have an additional wind at his back to play at his best. We don’t want to drop this streak and this atmosphere and we will do our best to get three points. All players are ready and are aware of the importance of the game – said Batak.

Coach of Voša confirmed that only Marko Bjeković is still out of action due to an unfortunate injury.

– Unfortunately, it is an inconvenient and serious injury, a problem with a bone in the foot, and we do not know when he will be ready and in the protocol. Kabić has progressed physically and is close to being fully fit so that we can use him to his full potential – said Batak.

He also announced potential rotations in the lineup due to the busy schedule, since Voša will welcome Voždovac already on Saturday.

– From game to game, we monitor the form of the players, and we have three games in a short time, and therefore we do not have space for a strong training process and recovery. For sure, we will look at who will be more physically fit and that’s how we will build the team – says Batak.

Although Vojvodina has caught up with Partizan and has a chance to overtake them, Batak is not satisfied with that alone.

– Now that pressure is positive, to progress, to beat maybe someone better than us on paper, but we will never admit it. This position is good, but it must not satisfy me, the players or anyone in the club. We all have to look forward together and achieve the best possible ranking – concluded Batak.

The match Radnički 1923 – Vojvodina is scheduled for Wednesday at 4 p.m.