After his team’s win over Mladost, Vojvodina’s assistant coach Vidak Bratić said that everyone in the red and white squad knew they will have a tough game and used the opportunity to congratulate Serbian volleyball players on winning the European Championship.

Vojvodina defeated Mladost in Lučani today with a score of 1-2 (1-1), in the 10th round of the Super League of Serbia.

– We knew that Mladost is an unpleasant team, which for many years plays in the Super League and does not change much its squad. Comparing to last season, I think they only miss two players. It’s an experienced team, but we were ready and knew it will be very difficult. You saw for yourself that a solid game was seen in the first half, with a fine goal by Drinčić on time and in that period we played quite well. However, we received a goal from after a free kick, so I can say that in the first part of the match we saw an equal play by two teams. In the second half, I think that the red card decided the match and the fact that we had one player more on the pitch. We tried and attacked non-stop, created chances and opportunities and eventually deservedly won by 1-2. I would like to thank Mladost for fair play and wish them luck in the league, and congratulate my players on their well-deserved victory and great fight. Also, on this occasion I would like to congratulate our volleyball players on the European title – said Bratić.

In the next round, Vojvodina will play against Spartak from Subotica at home, and that match will be played on Friday, starting at 6 pm.