Everyone in football club Vojvodina, its players, members of the coaching staff, administration, employees and fans today has been shaken by the news of a disease that was announced by our former player, our champion from 1989 and the famous football representative of our country – Siniša Mihajlović.

As someone who has already convinced us so many times that it does not matter how dangerous is the opponent you are facing, but how much you are a fighter and how much heart you give for victory, Siniša showed that there is no obstacle for him to overcome. And we are all convinced, hr will show it again.

FK Vojvodina president Vojislav Gajić has given a strong message of support and encouragement to our legendary former football player and successful coach.

– All of us in FK Vojvodina are shocked with this news, and on behalf of the club we want a quick and successful recovery to Siniša. We all believe and hope that from this battle, as well as from many others until now, he will come out as a winner – said Gajić.

The support to his friend and former teammate from Lazio and the national team was also given by the sports director of FK Vojvodina Nikola Lazetić.

– I had the honor to play with Miha in Lazio and in the national team of Yugoslavia. He is one great fighter and I’m sure he will win in this hardest life battle, just as he did on the pitch. We are wholeheartedly with him and we want him a quick and successful recovery – said Lazetić.

Miha, win this time too. Your Vojvodina is with you.