The ceremonial cocktail of Vojvodina Football Club was held today at the Sheraton Hotel in Novi Sad, ahead of the start of the second part of the season. Among the many distinguished guests from the world of sports, politics and social life were present the Mayor of Novi Sad, Miloš Vučević, President of FK Vojvodina Vojislav Gajić, members of the Club’s Board of Directors, the Manager Nenad Lalatović, the players, veterans, as well as media representatives.

On behalf of FK Vojvodina, the presents were first greeted by the President of the Club Assembly Dragoljub Samardžić, who emphasized what is the current policy of the club.

– The policy of FK Vojvodina today can be divided into four points: unity, work, publicity and responsibility for its work. This fourth is a new discipline, which we have not used much before, but in Vojvodina, responsibility is now divided and it is clear who does what. The coaching staff proposes to the Board of Directors the selection of players and no one interferes them in that. Finance is handled by Director Bajatović, which he does responsibly and successfully. The general policy of the club is led by our president, Mr. Gajić, and I am the one in charge of uniting it all with the ultimate goal of participating in the European competition this year – said Samardžić.

The Manager of Vojvodina Nenad Lalatović expressed his gratitude to the club management and the Mayor of Novi Sad, Miloš Vučević, for allowing the players and staff to focus solely on the pitch and football.

– I am very happy and pleased that I came to our Vojvodina for the second time, because I feel like I grew up in it. I was returned to make Vojvodina great again, although, regardless of the results, it never changed its size as a club. Now we have the results and the biggest credit goes to the players. We are currently in a position that gets us to Europe and our goal is to stay there. I am pleased with the players who came this winter, even though three standard first team players left us – said Lalatović.

On behalf of the veterans, satisfaction with the current management of the club was expressed by the president of the Veterans Section of FK Vojvodina and member of the first league title generation of the Old Lady Vasa Pušibrk, who also thanked the club Board members for the help given to the veteran section.

– The veterans section of FK Vojvodina has been active for four years, and since a year and a half ago it has been officially registered. Our program goals relate to humanitarian work, that is, to help sick and socially disadvantaged veterans, as well as nurturing the club’s rich history and tradition, marking significant dates, organizing memorials to former players, and playing matches with veterans of other clubs. In this relatively short period of time, we have had a lot of activities regarding all these segments – said Pušibrk.

Vojvodina’s President Vojislav Gajić also welcomed the attendees and expressed confidence that the club will achieve all its goals and ambitions.

– I am honored that you came in such a large number, because that means that you all care about Vojvodina. The fact that I am here today is due to the mayor of Novi Sad, Miloš Vučević, who gave me a great obligation and burden, but I could not refuse his invitation, as well as the invitation of fans. I came back for the third time, but this time with much more desire, ambition and perseverance. This club has to experience a renaissance, it has to achieve results and it has to play seriously in Europe. We have all the prerequisites for that, and the most important is that we are all in the club united and committed to the goals – said Gajić.

The Mayor of Novi Sad, Miloš Vučević, praised everyone at FK Vojvodina for the successes achieved last half-season, but also stressed that the club’s ambitions in the future must be even greater.

– Congratulations to all who contributed to the club’s success in the fall half-season, and I must say that I am much less involved than people say, because all decisions are made by board members, not me. It is up to me only to support as much as I can to make Vojvodina stronger. Apart from the first team, should not be forgotten the foundation of this club, which is a Youth Academy, since that is something by which Vojvodina has always been the best in Serbia. It is also a source of stability and security for the club. At the same time, I appeal to everyone not to miss a decade’s chance to build a new stadium Karađorđe in the same place where the present one is – said Vučević.