Vojvodina was defeated today against Spartak by 1-2 (1-0), in the 25th round of the Super League of Serbia.

In front of around 2,000 spectators at Karađorđe, the goalscorer for Voša was Mitošević in 29th, while goals for the team from Subotica were scored by Kerkez in the 64th and Denković in the 73rd minute.

The teams played in the following lineups:

Vojvodina: Rockov – Lazarević, Graovac, Saničanin, Devetak – Srećković (from 73rd Đurić), Mitošević, Milojevic (from 75th Gojkov), Nešković (from 64th Vincent) – Matić, Conneh.

Spartak: Ostojić – Kerkez, Tekijaški, Đenić, Milošević – Glavčić (from 89th Mladenović), Denković, Obradović (from 93rd Dunđerski), Tufegdžić (from 84th Đorđević) – Marčić, Otašević.

Before the start of the match, in order to popularize and promote the Youth Academy “Ilija Pantelić”, as well as to motivate the players in its selections, the Veterans Section of FK Vojvodina, in cooperation with the Management of the Youth Academy, decided to choose the best teams and individuals, as well as the most perspective coach in the Youth Academy “Ilija Pantelić”.

For the best team and players competing in the rank of Serbia, pronounced are the U-18 team and its best player Mihajlo Nešković. The previous half-season, Vojvodina’s U-18 team finished in the first place of the table of Youth League of Serbia.

In the rank of Vojvodina, the same awards were given to the team of pioneers (generation 2004) and their best scorer Mihajlo Ivanović, while in the rank of the city awards were given to the team of younger pioneers (generation 2005) and their best scorer Mirko Nikolašević.

Coach of the younger pioneers Nikola Kovačević was selected for the most perspective trainer, and to all of them, representatives of Veterans Section Vasa Pušibrk, Đorđe Vujkov and Radivoj Radosav, presented the statues and Voša’s wine.

Also, on behalf of FK Spartak, on the occasion of the 105th birthday of FK Vojvodina, the Director of the Youth School of Spartak Milan Veljković presented a gift to the President of the FK Vojvodina Assembly, Dragoljub Samardžić.

When the game started, the first chance was seen by Spartak’s players through Tufegdžić, who had a well shot from around 12-13 meters, but Rockov managed to defend. Only two minutes later, after a free kick for the away team, Marčić had an even better chance, since he took the ball behind the back of Vojvodina’s defense and remained alone in front of Rockov, but Voša’s goalkeeper managed to get into his shot and thus prevented him from scoring a goal.

However, already in the 10th minute, Vojvodina returned from the counter-attack. Matić played an attractive pass to Conneh, who held the ball and sent it to an empty space for Srećković, and he ran to the penalty area and shot, but the ball went out of the goal range. However, in the 29th minute, the “old lady” got into advantage.

On the right side, Srećković crossed the ball in front of Spartak’s goal, where at first Matić and then Conneh tried to place it into the net. Goalkeeper Ostojić defended, but Mitošević ran onto the ball and put his team into the lead.

A new chance for red and whites was seen in the 40th minute, when Mitošević first sent a good long pass to Nešković, and he played a ball to Matić, who took a shot from a around meters away, but Ostojić defended, so that in the 64th minute Spartak equalized the score.

Corner kick for Spartak was taken by Glavčić, and on the second post, the ball was welcomed by Kerkez, who sent it in the net of Vojvodina. Only nine minutes later, guests completely reversed the result.

Obradović took the ball from Vincent at around 40 meters from the goal of Vojvodina, and sent an ideal pass in the penalty area to Denković, who scored a second goal for his team in this match.

Voša could return in 76th minute, when Đurić took a shot from around 20 meters, but Ostojić defended. An even better chance, red and whites had in the 84th minute, when, after a pass from Lazarević, Mitošević shot from around 12-13 meters, but the ball passed a few inches apart from the goal range.

By the end of the match, no more chances were seen in front of any goal, so the victory in the 59th Vojvodina derby was claimed by Spartak.