In the 16th round of the Super League of Serbia, tomorrow Vojvodina will play against Mačva in Šabac. Instead of 2 pm, the kick-off was postponed to 6 pm, which means that the match will practically be played in the evening, so the stadium could gather a slightly larger number of spectators than usual.

In addition to the term and the traditional decades-long rivalry between Mačva and Vojvodina, an additional reason for the spectators to come to the stadium is the importance of the upcoming match, since for both teams it is extremely important to win in order to achieve their goals – Mačva to remain in the league, and Vojvodina to reach a spot in the Europa League qualifiers next season.

One of the players whom Vojvodina fans are hoping he will bring a victory to th Old Lady is 24-year-old Ognjen Đuričin, who is aware that his team can not expect an easy task against Mačva.

– If you look at the table and see that Mačva has won only four points so far, it is clear that the quality and role of the favorites are absolutely on our side. Nonetheless, anyone who thinks that it will be easy for us to reach victory in Šabac is wrong. Regardless of their current standings, Mačva is not such a bad team at all, and in some games they were really unlucky. Still, our goal is known, and that is a victory – says Đuričin.

In the first round of this season, Vojvodina as a host has beaten Mačva by 3-0 in Bačka Palanka.

– I think this will be a very different game than that one, because I think that Mačva will now play even more defensively and try to win a point, which would mean a lot to them in attempt to remain in the league. Therefore, it is clear that it will be difficult for us to overcome their defense, and I believe that we should start attacking literally from the first minute. If we manage to score early, the path to triumph will be much easier for us – points out Đuričin.

Vojvodina’s winger is pleased with the results that Voša has achieved during the season so far.

– We are currently third, which is a place that brings us a spot in the Europa League qualifications, which is the main goal that we set ahead of the start of the season. It would be good if we at least retain this position until the end, but for this to happen, there must be no relaxation among us at any time. I especially emphasize this because I think that this season we have the most interesting competition in the last three or four years, because except for Red Star, all other teams that are near the top are between only five or six points. Literally one game can decide whether you will be third or fifth and that is why it is very important that we take each match as seriously as possible – said Đuričin.