Vojvodina Football Club informs all its fans that for the clash of the 22nd round of the Super League of Serbia, in which Vojvodina will face Red Star in Belgrade, they will be provided with free transport and a ticket for this match.

The clash between Red Star and Vojvodina will be played on Saturday at the stadium Rajko Mitić in Belgrade, starting at 6 pm, and the departure of Vojvodina fans for the match is scheduled for the same day at 3 pm at the south stand of the Karađorđe stadium.

Anyone who wants to go to this game can sign in by sending an SMS to 064/126-33-66 (the name and ID number must be sent), and the application deadline expires on Friday at 3:30 pm.

Vojvodina Football Club invites all its fans to support the team in Belgrade and help the Old Lady in the quest for another good result this season.

We are one – that’s our strength!