In the derby of the last round of the Serbian Super League, tomorrow Vojvodina will meet Partizan from Belgrade. It will also be the last match of this season that the red and whites will play in front of their fans, which is another additional reason for all supporters of the Old Lady to come to the stadium and support their team.

Regardless of the outcome of tomorrow’s game, Vojvodina will definitely participate in the qualifications for the Europa League next season, which was the basic competitive goal set by president Vojislav Gajić on behalf of the club.

– When I came last year, it was unthinkable for many that Vojvodina could rise in a year, get energy and achieve a good result. With a little luck, we could be involved in the title fight until the last day. However, now we have a cohesion between experience and youth, and boss Nenad Lalatović, which is completely clear to everyone, has chemistry with the players. He is a young coach, who is destined to make good results, and maybe now is the time to win the trophy – says Gajić.

Already on Wednesday, Vojvodina and Partizan will meet again, but this time in the final of the Serbian Cup.

– With due respect, the Cup is the only opportunity for Partizan to save this season. As for Vojvodina, my announcement from the beginning of the season referred to the placement in Europe and the consolidation of the club, which is achieved. We secretly hoped that we could reach the Cup final, in which we will play fair, so whatever be will be. No one deserves anything because of their history or tradition, but exclusively because of the effort and work they put in to make it happen. According to the way we worked and the results we achieved this season, it would be realistic for Vojvodina to win the Cup, but only the pitch will show that – Gajić points out.

The president of FK Vojvodina notes that he understands the reasons why Voša fans will not travel to the finals in Niš.

– The absence of our fans at the game will certainly be a big handicap for our team, but on the other hand, we fully understand their decision. In some of the previous finals in which we participated, we had the support of as many as 11,000 fans at the Partizan stadium, and there is no doubt that if the match was played in a nearby city, we would have fantastic support from the stands again. However, if we remember that our fans had to leave for Belgrade in the afternoon, and return in the wee hours of the night, you can imagine how long it would take to go to Niš and back. Also, it is unclear what advantage Niš has for playing the finals in relation to many other solutions that were available – Gajić notes.

Although this season is not over yet, he is already thinking about the next, ie the upcoming transfer window.

– In the winter transfer window, we had serious offers for Topić, and even for Zukić and Nešković. However, even though the media wrote at the time that Topić’s transfer was already a done deal, I publicly said that we are not considering such a possibility at all. As with everything else, it turned out I was right. Very soon, we will have sessions of the Management Board and the Assembly, at which we will adopt the strategy for the future period. Situations in which the club accepts some offers from certain managers in order to be able to pay salaries are no longer a topic in FK Vojvodina, but exclusively sports development and assessment of our experts – Gajić emphasizes.

The president of FK Vojvodina is convinced that Voša will play in the qualifications for the Europa League next season at the Karađorđe stadium.

– From the first day when people started talking about the construction of the new stadium, I did not give any special statements about it. It is a matter of the City and the state, ie the company Srbijagas, which pays for the project. Back in the fall, when the tension started to form about where Vojvodina will play when the construction of the stadium starts, I said that it is still early to deal with it, because I am from the construction industry and I know how things work in that business. For now, it is only certain that there is good intention and that the project is in the development phase, as well as that Vojvodina will play European matches at the Karađorđe stadium – said Gajić.

The clash between Vojvodina and Partizan is set for 7 pm tomorrow at Karađorđe, and all fans who have the Vojvodina fan emblem will be able to pick up a ticket for this match free of charge on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 10 am to 6 pm in the Vojvodina fan shop at the west stand of the Karađorđe stadium (next to gate entrance number 2).

Tickets for the match Vojvodina – Partizan will be sold according to the following schedule:

Thursday, June 18: Tickets for the West, East and South will be available at the premises of the company GIGS TIX in the Pariski Magazin (Kralja Aleksandra 12), from 9 am to 7:30 pm;

Friday, June 19: Tickets for the West will be available at the main box office of the stadium (between the west and south stand), from 3 pm to 8 pm. At the box office on the east stand (next to the restaurant Ognjište), from 3 pm to 8 pm, tickets for the East will be available for purchase. At the box office on the south stand (next to the former tennis courts), from 3 pm to 8 pm, tickets for the South will be available. Tickets for the North will be available in the premises of The Firm fan group on the north stand of the stadium, from 5 pm to 7 pm.

Also, season tickets of FK Vojvodina for the 2019/20 season will be valid for this match.

Tickets will be sold at prices of 700 (West), 500 (East) and 400 dinars (North and South), and one person will be able to buy a maximum of four tickets with an ID card. Football Club Vojvodina emphasizes that as the organizer of the match, pursuant to Article 13 paragraph 1 of the Law on Prevention of Violence at Sports Events, it is obliged to ensure that tickets are sold only to persons who have an identity document (ID card, passport, etc.), and that persons under 16 years of age can entry to the stadium only accompanied by a parent or carer. One person will not be allowed to buy more than four tickets, regardless of whether they will have more than one personal document with them.

Tickets will be sold on the principle of “one ticket – one seat”, which means that children of any age will have to have tickets for the match.

A south stand is planned for the away fans, while the fans of Vojvodina will be accommodated on the north, east and west stands.

In order for the match to run safely and in agreement with the police, the football club Vojvodina emphasizes once again that, as in previous derby matches, the west, east and north stands are reserved exclusively for Vojvodina fans and that fans with characteristics of FC Partizan. Only the south stand is reserved for Partizan fans.

On the match day, from 10 am, Dimitrija Tucovića Street will be closed by the police and only media representatives and fans of Vojvodina will be able to enter it with a ticket for the west or a season ticket shown.

Entrance number 4 on the west stand is intended only for media representatives and season ticket holders, with the proviso that season ticket holders will be able to use all remaining entrances as well. We appeal to all season ticket owners that they will have to have an ID card to enter this game. Spectators with the purchased daily ticket for the West will be able to use all entrances except entrance number 4, and the gates of the stadium will be open at 5 pm.