The number of corona virus-infected in Serbia has risen to 222 this morning. A pandemic that has occurred in almost the entire world has halted most of social life, including sporting events, so athletes were given an unplanned vacation in the middle of the season.

However, unlike vacations after the end of the half-season or season, this one certainly does not suit them at all, since the current state of emergency and dangerous situation practically require them not to leave their home. Still, everyone has to adapt to the new circumstances, so this is also the case with Vojvodina football player Miodrag Gemović.

– As far as I am concerned, I strictly respect the rules we have received from the club, as well as from the state in general through the media, and I adapt to the new situation to the best of my ability. I keep in touch with teammates and coaching staff and follow the instructions of our fitness coach, so I train as much as I can at home. Honestly, we will be disturbed by this situation for sure, because we have come out of the regular training process, but I hope that this situation will change as soon as possible and that everything will be as it was – says Gemović.

He spends almost all day at home, accompanied by his wife and daughter.

– If there’s something positive about all this, it’s that I’m spending a little more time with my family. We practically leave the apartment only when it is necessary to go to the store and that’s it. We are aware of how we can best protect ourselves and others, and we adhere to this as much as possible – notes Gemović.

Serbia is among the last countries in Europe that decided to suspend sports competitions, at a time when some athletes abroad have already been infected with the corona virus.

– Honestly, even while the league was going on, I had no fear that something might happen to me, even though my wife was worried about me. It is important now that we all respect what the experts suggest, because that is the only way to stop the spread of the virus. Fortunately, we did not allow the situation in our country to become as chaotic as in Italy and some other countries, and I sincerely hope that everything will go better soon – said Gemović.