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moncler coats for cheap Jessica Patel used to run a chemist’s shop in Middlesborough with her husband, whom she met while studying at university in Manchester. Her body was found at her home on The Avenue in the Linthorpe suburb of Middlesborough on Monday night. She was completely dedicated to all of her family and her loss has brought an unbearable pain,“ said a statement released by local Cleveland Police on behalf of Jessica’s moncler outlet sale family.“We as a family are devastated and we would kindly request that everyone respects our privacy and allows us the time to grieve in peace,“ the family tribute added.The husband was said to be „distraught“ as he „adored“ his wife by people who knew the couple.“They were a really nice, friendly couple and they’ve become popular in the area since they took over the pharmacy,“ one of the couple’s cheap moncler coats neighbours added moncler coats for cheap.