Vojvodina was defeated against Red Star with a score of 0-5 (0-2), in the derby of the fourth round of the play-off of Super League of Serbia.

In front of around 5,500 spectators at Karađorđe, the scorers for Red Star were Pavkov in 22nd, Vukanović in 25th, Ben in 65th and Joveljić in 78th and 90th minute (p).

The teams played in the following lineups:

Vojvodina: Rockov – Graovac, Veselinović, Saničanin, Devetak – Mitošević, Milojević – Nešković (from 73rd Srećković), Đurić (from 46th Đuričin), Zukić (from 82nd Mesarović) – Matić.

Red Star: Borjan – Stojković, Milunović, Babić, Rodić (from 79th Gobeljić) – Jovančić, Čaušić – Marin, Ivanić, Vukanović (from 60th Ben) – Pavkov (from 72nd Joveljić).

Right from the beginning of the game, it was played mainly in the middle of the pitch, and none of the teams failed to create a serious chance for the goal. However, in the 22nd minute, from a situation that did not looked so dangerous, Red Star came into the lead.

From around 22-23 meters from the goal of Vojvodina, Pavkov received the ball with his chest and then made a volley-kick and sent the ball into the net of Vojvodina. Only three minutes later, it was already 0-2 for the away team.

On the right side, Stojković entered the penalty box of Vojvodina and played a back-pass to Vukanović, who, with a precise shot from about ten meters, raised the advantage of his team.

In the 31st minute, Belgradians could score a third goal after a corner kick taken by Marin, when Rodić made a header. However, the ball went a few centimeters next to the goal.

On the other hand, Vojvodina had a chance in 51st minute, when Zukić ran behind the back of Red Star’s defense, received the ball in the penalty area and got almost alone in front of Borjan, but the goalkeeper of the away team rushed into his shot and thus prevented it, and already in 65th minute, Belgraders scored their third goal.

From about 30 meters from the goal of Vojvodina, Marin sent an incredible pass to Ben in the penalty box, and he easily sent the ball behind Rockov’s back, thus increasing the score to 0-3.

For the new goal was waited until 78th minute and again it was scored by Red Star players. From about 20 meters from the goal of Vojvodina, Čaušić made a shot, and Joveljić only slightly changed the ball direction, enough to overcome Rockov and score the fourth goal for his team.

Opportunity to reduce the result, Vojvodina had in the 80th minute, when Matić received the ball in the penalty area and ran out ahead of Borjan, but the goalkeeper of Red Star defended his shot, only so that 10 minutes later, the away team got awarded with a penalty.

In a crowd in Voša’s penalty box, one of Red Star’s players was tackled, and the referee Miloš Milanović called for a penalty, which was successfully taken by Joveljić.

It was also the last chance in this match, which ended with a convincing result in favor of Red Star.