Fnatic Rocket League captain Snaski on lie

good quality replica bags „Oh, I get super bored of playing Rocket League,“ says Nicolai Replica Handbags ‘Snaski’ Designer Replica Bags Andersen, Fnatic’s Rocket League replica Purse team captain. good quality replica bags

best replica bags Sitting in the boardroom at Fnatic Headquarters in Shoreditch, London, it is hard purse replica handbags to believe Snaski, wearing a Rocket League hoodie, would admit to being wholesale replica designer handbags bored playing one of his favourite video games every day for a living. best replica bags

cheap designer bags replica „My friends are always asking, ‘why don’t you play Rocket League with us?’ and I’d say, ‘I’d love to but it is just Fake Designer Bags super boring.’ I don’t win and I play with people who are worse than me, it is just not very enjoyable. cheap designer bags replica

„But I love playing other games for fun, like CS:GO or PUBG. For some reason, I have a competitive wall.

replica designer bags „I don’t care if I win or lose those games whereas in Rocket League, I always care, which is super weird.“ replica designer bags

Snaski, who started playing Rocket League in the summer of 2015, enjoyed success with The Leftovers before the team was acquired by Fnatic in October of last year.

replica bags from china My biggest issue is, people always say, how can you sit around and watch other people play replica handbags china video games? I would say, how can you sit high quality replica handbags all day KnockOff Handbags and watch people play football? Snaski replica bags from china

bag replica high quality Before he became a replica bags professional eSports player, Snaski worked in a Designer Fake Bags casino in Denmark as a card Handbags Replica dealer. bag replica high quality

Reaching Diamond 1 in League of Legends at the age of 14, the 21 year old is living his dream as one of the best Rocket League players in the world.

designer replica luggage What is it like to be an eSports superstar? For Snaski, it’s being able to wake up at two o’clock in the afternoon. designer replica luggage

„This is super early for me!’ he confesses. It is 10.30am.

„It’s super early for gamers. You know the feeling you get when you don’t want to get up on a Sunday morning Replica Designer Handbags because you don’t have much of a reason to get up early? Well, for me, every single day is a Sunday morning!“

Snaski’s daily routine goes something like this: „I’d get up between midday to 2pm, usually train up to five hours and then go to bed at around 4am.“

With the Gfinity Elite Series season three and Rocket League Championship Series season five around the corner, Fnatic are one of the favourites to win it all.

„It’d be a massive disappointment if we don’t win [Gfinity],“ says Snaski.

„In our group, the only team I can see that could be a struggle is Method. And of course, Team Vitality are very good but luckily they’re in the other group so hopefully we won’t face them until the final.

„They’re a good side but we are better, we should win this. Wholesale Replica Bags If we played Vitality in the final 10 times, we replica handbags online would probably win six or seven times. If we don’t reach the finals, on the other hand, that would be a catastrophe.“

aaa replica bags This sentiment is shared by Fnatic Rocket League’s team manager Colin Johnson. Fake Handbags „Our team is probably one of the best teams in the world within our eSport,“ he said. aaa replica bags

buy replica bags online „The Fnatic League of Legends and Counter Strike teams always get the most prestige. buy replica bags online

The League team is great in Europe but it will always be difficult for them to go up against the Korean Replica Bags Wholesale and Chinese teams.

„However, our Rocket League team is probably rated the highest tiered team within the Rocket League community and if we didn’t win the Gfinity series or do well in RLCS, it would be considered, aaa replica designer handbags as Snaski said, a massive disappointment.“

replica bags china Colin, as a manager, has a more administrative role on the team but he is no stranger to the competitive eSports scene. replica bags china

„I cheap replica handbags played competitive Halo 3 back in 2007,“ he reminisced.

„I actually owe it to the fact I ran into a tree in middle school. It was recess, I was playing football and ran into a tree. I fractured my skull and was out of school for around four Replica Bags months.

„Because of that, all I did was play Halo for eight to 10 hours a day. I didn’t even go to school. By the time https://www.handbagsmerchant.com that school year was over, it went straight into summer so I had solid eight months just grinding the game.