After the defeat of his team against Red Star, Vojvodina’s Manager Radovan Krivokapić said that the quality of the opponent decided that Voša suffers a defeat at the beginning of the spring part of the season.

Vojvodina was defeated today by Red Star by 4-0 (2-0), in the derby of the 22nd round of the Super League of Serbia.

– First of all, I congratulate Red Star on winning. They showed that they are above everyone in this league and once again showed a really extraordinary game, because of which at times we seemed powerless. We did not come to defend ourselves and we tried to play, but the quality of Red Star was decisive, so I congratulate them once again and I wish them all the best in the continuation of the season, both to the club and to my colleague Milojević. As far as I’m concerned, I am not satisfied with the result, but I am happy with certain parts of the game, especially in regards to the style of play and the desire to endanger the goal of Red Star – Krivokapić remarks.

At the beginning of the second half, Voša had two solid opportunities to reduce Red Star’s lead and thus restore uncertainty in the match, but failed to use them.

– Although we were in deficit of two goals, we had chances, but we did not use them because of Borjan’s extraordinary interventions. It is up to us now to turn to the next game, which is very important for us and against a very tough opponent. What was good, we need to nurture and perfect, and what has been bad we must correct on the way. It takes a lot of work and aggression, which we may have lacked today, but I think that among the main reasons for our defeat was the atmosphere made by the fans of Red Star, which we succumbed to and quickly received two goals. That has practically decided the match – Krivokapić says.

He believes his team can play better than it did today in Belgrade.

– In the announcement of the match, I said that the players of Vojvodina were given a request that does not apply only to this match, but in general, and that refers to the fact that, after the match, they have to leave the pitch with bloody knees, but with both feet firmly on the ground. Today, we were not firmly on the ground, and this is the main reason we lost. This Vojvodina can certainly be better and we will try our best to show it in the next game – Krivokapić said.

In the next round, Vojvodina will host Radnički at “Karađorđe”, and that match will be played on Friday, starting at 6 pm.