In the last round of the play-off of the Super League of Serbia, on Sunday Vojvodina will play against Čukarički in Belgrade. This match will put an end to this season, in which Vojvodina, depending on the results of the last round, will finish at the seventh or eighth place in the table. In both cases, it is a placement that is incompatible with the tradition and the reputation of the Old Lady and in no way it meets the ambitions of the club and the wishes of the fans.

On the other hand, relieved of any imperative in term of a result, Manager of red and whites Radovan Krivokapić announced that he will give a chance to play to an even greater number of young players than it was the case in the previous games.

– Last night, as a representative of Vojvodina, I was at the ceremony of awarding the best players and Managers of the Super League of Serbia in the organization of TV Arena Sport, where in an informal conversation with the directors of Čukarički I realized that they are planning to confront us with a young team, which we will do as well. We will try to get to the first win in the play-off and I hope that the players will be ready for this. Some of the players who took out the most of this season will take a rest and I can freely say that from the first minute, or by going in from the bench, a lot of young players will perform on Sunday. Nešković and Zukić are already standard, but I also refer to Topić and Savić, as well as to two new faces, Jakovljević and Bjeković. On the other hand, due to minor injury, we can not be sure if Milojević will be able to play. Matić got a cold yesterday, so he won’t be playing for sure, just like Đuričin, who has a back injury. Everyone else is training normally, so in the next two days we will see who will be in the starting lineup. Everyone is expecting for this season to finish, a season which was not good for Vojvodina. To all of those who played for Vojvodina this year, I wish a good rest after the game against Čukarički, but only with the goal to never repeat such a season and that the next be much better than this one – says Krivokapić.

In this season, it is difficult to highlight some positive moments regarding the Old Lady.

– I do not want to point a finger to anyone, even though we all know that everything was bad from the start. With the people who work in the club and my coaching staff, to whom I thank for supporting me all the time, we managed to depreciate everything that was bad and enter the play-off, even though everyone thought it was impossible. If something needs to be remembered, maybe that’s when we entered the play-off, because we had a great atmosphere and we managed to do it as a group. However, in the future, this should in no way be the main goal for Vojvodina, which I repeated several times. Vojvodina has to fight for Europe and trophies, but it takes time, because it is a long process. Now it is most important that we all sit together and make a plan – says Krivokapić.

Although it is still not certain whether he will remain in the position of Manager next season too, the coach of red and whites has a general idea regarding which players should be let go this summer.

– After the match against Čukarički, I will submit a report to the directors and give my opinion. I do not run the club’s policy and there are people who have the responsibility for it, but I expect that in the near future there will be talks and a joint solution that will be best for Vojvodina. At this moment, it’s hard to say who should go, because there are many factors that influence on it. I only hope that Vojvodina will be much stronger and better – Krivokapić says.

After the match between Radnički and Vojvodina in Niš, the Manager of Radnički and former Vojvodina coach, Nenad Lalatović, expressed the opinion that Vojvodina should have only two or three young players in the team, and that the rest of the team should be made of experienced and affirmed footballers.

– There is truth in what Lalatović said. Before entering the play-off, we were talking about the need to give a chance to young players from our Academy and this was an ideal opportunity for it, but you also saw that the results were not what they should be. However, this is the period of their growing up and my opinion is also that Vojvodina can not be on the pitch with all 10 youngsters from its Youth Academy. Nešković and Zukić became standard players because they proved this with their quality, even in the most difficult moments, because when it was deciding whether we will enter the play-off or not, young Zukić done a huge job on the pitch. I think that two or three more of them should be in the first team, specifically Topić and Savić, while all the other youngsters who are under the contract and finished with the younger categories should go to some smaller club for a loan, which should not be a punishment or a tragedy for them. After all, I, as a player, twice went to a loan and came back, and eventually I had some career. They should be honored and privileged to train with the first team, to be with the team and get a chance to debut. That should give them a motivation for further work, so that one day they return to Vojvodina – said Krivokapić.

The match between Čukarički and Vojvodina will be played on Sunday in Belgrade, starting at 7 PM.