After winning of his team over Zorya, Vojvodina’s Manager Radovan Krivokapic said that the other half of the match showed how red and whites will play in the continuation of the season.

Vojvodina defeated Zorya from Ukraine by 2:1 (0:0), in friendly match played in Belek.

– Since this is a preparatory period, I would not speak much about the result. The legs are heavy, the players are tired of work and it was evident that in the first 45 minutes we could not get to the desired play and what we did in the training. However, as time passed, we were getting better, and the other half showed how we would play in the future. I am happy that we played against a very strong team of Zorya, which is at the top of the Ukrainian championship. We mixed the cards, so in the first and the second half younger players appeared, who, just like the older, showed that we can count on them – Krivokapic says.

Regardless of the fact that this is a win in a friendly match, the Manager of Vojvodina certainly has reasons for satisfaction.

– We showed solidity in the game and responded to their aggressiveness, and besides, we also had a good offensive transformation, which was crowned with these two goals and a victory achieved. The result is important only because of the atmosphere and our further work on the preparations. The atmosphere is otherwise very good, and I hope that players will gain even greater confidence, because this strong opponent is not easy to win even in a friendly game. I think they will now believe more in themselves and their possibilities, and that they will take on more responsibility in the game – Krivokapic says.

He can especially rejoice about the play and attitude towards the jersey by the youngest players.

– Of course they have fulfilled my expectations, although they are young and still have to work. This was not something special, but I think that for the first time they played against such a strong opponent and that will surely be a big incentive for further work – Krivokapic emphasizes.

In the last half an hour, today for Vojvodina appeared Liberian Seku Conneh (23), whose pressure on the goalkeeper in the 79th minute helped the red and whites to come into the lead.

– After today’s morning training, which was extremely strong for him, he played quite well in those 30 minutes. Although he complained about a minor injury, he was positive and left a very good impression – Krivokapic said.