In the derby of the fourth round of the play-off of Serbian Super League, tomorrow Vojvodina will play against Red Star at Karađorđe. As rarely as in the past, the match between these two clubs this time will not have almost any competitive significance, considering that Vojvodina has fallen out of the fight for the spot in Europa League qualifications, and Red Star only theory divides from winning the new championship title .

Nevertheless, the Manager of the Old Lady Radovan Krivokapić expects a brilliant and dynamic match, which he confirmed at today’s press conference, where he first wished happy Easter holidays to all Orthodox believers.

– I do not think that we need to spend too much words on our tomorrow’s opponent, because I will not say anything that you have not heard before, as it is known that Red Star represents the top of our football, and even wider. What is most important to emphasize is that our young team should get support, in order to do its best and perform the best it can. In Novi Sad, tomorrow we are expecting a holiday of football and a good ambiance, and our young players will have the opportunity to enjoy football, measure their strength against a big opponent and present themselves in the best possible way to our audience. After a little respite we had for the holidays, everyone came ready and ornate at the training. For how much it will be enough, we will see after the match, but I see that they have a great desire to do their best. Beside the injured Zlomislić, who will not play until the end of the season, everyone else is ready and in competition for the team, so we are facing Red Star with all the available forces – says Krivokapić.

This season, in the Super League of Serbia, Red Star has only one defeat and since the beginning is in the first place on the table, although in the last few games it does not play at the level proportional to quality of the team it has.

– The big team’s characteristic is to win even when they are not in shape, or when they do not play well, as demonstrated by Red Star. However, I rely on our desire and youth. At the moment, the result is not that important to us as it is for young players to learn something and prepare for the next season. Of course, this does not mean that we will surrender in advance, because we play for Vojvodina, and Vojvodina must never allow itself to go on the pitch with the thoughts that it will lose. I am sure that each of our players on the pitch will play with great passion to show himself in the best sense, because for them these are unique matches and opportunities to oppose one big team – emphasizes Krivokapić.

Until just two years ago, matches between Vojvodina and Red Star have also contributed to the outcome of the fight for trophies. However, the previous and this season, this is definitely not the case.

– The results show that, at this moment, we are far behind Red Star. Previously, I mentioned something for which I think that not enough importance was given to it, and that is the fact that Vojvodina still does not have a clear plan for the next season. This is a big issue that needs to be solved, and already for days I repeat that Vojvodina has to be competitive with Red Star and Partizan. We were happy to reach the play-off, because this goal was almost impossible to achieve, but the name and history of the club require from Vojvodina always to compete for much higher goals. It’s almost deadline to sit down, talk and make a system so that it can known for sure where Vojvodina is going – Krivokapić says.

After reaching the play-off, in the next matches, among the players of Vojvodina looked like that there was certain lack of motivation.

– After the game against Partizan, there was a mild euphoria in the club, so a psychological fall happened and therefore we were not at the level of the matches where the decision regarding the play-off was made. However, of course, games against Red Star and Partizan, and at this point even against Radnički, raise the morale of everyone, so the approach will certainly be different from the previous three matches – Krivokapić said.

The match between Vojvodina and Red Star is set for tomorrow at 4 PM at Karađorđe, with a direct broadcast on the first channel of Arena Sport TV, and the tickets for the West, East and South stand can be purchased according to the following schedule:

Tuesday, April 30th:

Novi Sad: “GIGS TIX”, Kralja Aleksandra 12 (Pariski magazin)
from 9 AM to 7:30 PM

from 11 AM to 7 PM

Wednesday, May 1st:

Tickets for the West stand: at the stadium’s main box office (between the West and South stand), from 12 PM to 5 PM
Tickets to the East stand: at the box office on the eastern part of the stadium (next to the Ognjište restaurant), from 12 PM to 5 PM
Tickets to the South stand: at the box office at the southern part of the stadium (next to the former tennis courts), from 12 PM to 5 PM
Tickets for the North stand: At the premises of the fan group The Firm at the northern part of the stadium, from 2 PM to 5 PM. All fans of Vojvodina who come to the match with some club tag (t-shirt, scarf, etc.), in the premises of the fan group The Firm will be able to collect the ticket for the North stand for free.

Tickets will be sold at prices of 700 (west) and 500 dinars (east, north and south), and one person will be able to buy up to four tickets, along with his personal identification card. Football club Vojvodina emphasizes that, as an organizer of the match, pursuant to Article 13 paragraph 1 of the Law on the Prevention of Violence at Sports Events, it is obliged to ensure that tickets are sold only to persons who possess a personal document (identity card, passport, etc.), and that to persons under the age of 16 years entry into the stadium is permitted only if they are accompanied by a parent or a caretaker. One person will not be allowed to buy more than four tickets, regardless of whether they will have more than one personal document with them.

Tickets will be sold on the basis of a “one ticket – one seat”, which means that the tickets for the match must have children of any age, so that it cannot happen that there are more people present at a stand than the capacities of that stand allows.

For the visiting fans, only the southern stand is reserved, while the fans of Vojvodina will be settled on the north, east and west stand of the stadium.

In order to organize the match safely and in agreement with the police, the Vojvodina football club once again emphasizes that, as in the previous derby matches against Red Star, the western, eastern and northern stand are reserved exclusively for the fans of Vojvodina and that on those stands will not be allowed entrance to the fans with marks of Red Star FC. For Red Star fans is reserved solely the southern stand.

On the day of the match, from 10 AM, the street Dimitrija Tucovića will be closed by the police and only representatives of the media and fans of Vojvodina with the purchased ticket for the west or a season ticket will be able to enter it. For that reason, Vojvodina Football Club appeals to all spectators who would like to watch the match from the west stand to approach the stadium only from the direction of Bulevar oslobođenja.

Entry number 4 on the western stand is reserved only for media representatives and owners of season tickets, with season tickets owners being able to use all remaining entrances too. We appeal to all owners of season tickets that they will have to have an ID card with them for entering the stadium. Spectators with a purchased daily ticket for the west will be able to use all the entries except the entry number 4.

Football club Vojvodina invites fans of both teams, as well as all fans of football, to buy their tickets and to enter the stadium on time, in order to avoid unnecessary crowds when entering.

We hope and expect that all spectators at the stadium will support their team in a respectful and dignified manner, avoiding any kind of violent or unsportsmanlike behavior.