After the elimination of his team from the Serbian Cup, Vojvodina’s Manager Radovan Krivokapić said that red and whites today in any segment of the game failed to match the Radnički from Niš.

Vojvodina was defeated today against Radnički in Niš by 2-1 (1-0), in the quarter-finals of the Serbian Cup.

– We played against a team that knows what it wants, which has a system that works scrupulously and has its goals to grapple with, and today we have not managed to match it in any segment. Radnički is currently an example of how all structures of the club should be working and I want them, as well as to my colleague and friend Lalatović, to finally reach their goal. We are already turning to the game against Čukarički in Super Liga, which is extremely important for us – says Krivokapić.

After the previous one, it can definitely be said that this season is extremely bad for Vojvodina too, considering that it will not be possible to participate in Europe in the next season, and it will be very difficult to qualify to the Super Liga play off in the remaining four rounds.

– It’s a problem that has roots from before and requires deeper analysis. I do not want to justify myself, but I’m working with what I have and trying to get the maximum out of this team. However, since the transfer window, we can not recover. We will give everything so that Vojvodina can begin to look like itself again, but unfortunately, at the moment it is the way it is. As someone who was raised in Vojvodina, passed all of its selections and someone who works wholeheartedly for this club, I am very sorry that I have to talk about fighting for the eighth place and play off. However, we have to be realistic and accept the reality as it is, and try to get to the play off if it’s possible – Krivokapić said.

The next match, Vojvodina will play already on Sunday, when, within the 27th round of the Super League of Serbia, it will host Čukarički at “Karađorđe”. The beginning of this match is scheduled for 7 PM.