After the defeat of his team against Maribor, Vojvodina’s boss Nenad Lalatović said the match was a very good check for the red and whites.

Vojvodina was defeated by Maribor tonight with a score of 3-2 (1-0), in a friendly match played in Belek.

– We received two goals after corner kicks today and I think we even deserved to win the game, though perhaps the most realistic result would be a draw. We had very good chances, especially in the second half, when we hit the crossbar and went out one-on-one with the keeper twice. This was one competitive game, and Maribor had a lot of pressure, since the previous match they lost 3-0 and its players were refreshing for today – says Lalatović.

On the other hand, Vojvodina players did a strong training in Belek this morning.

– We went into the game from the effort and the first half showed that the players had heavy legs, so I can not blame them, because Maribor in the first part of the match had no chance from actions. Saničanin made a penalty and he should not tackle like that from the back. Still, I can be happy with the approach and the commitment. This was an extremely good check for us, as Maribor is a long-time participant of the Champions League and the Europa League and is one of the most organized clubs in the region of old Yugoslavia. It has some really good players, but we have again presented ourselves in a good way and I am very pleased with our performance – says Lalatović.

The red and whites made a better impression today in the second half than in the first.

– The players were fresher, and Maribor stood in the block behind the ball in the first half. They defended and played on the half-counter and counterattacks, as they have fast wing players and a fast striker Zahović. We played high in the first half and attacked their back line, the way we will usualy play. I was a little surprised by such a style of Maribor, because I expected they would come more into playing against us, but well, such tactics brought them victory. At no point did we focus on the opponent, his reputation and quality, but only on our performance and that is why I am proud. In the second half we had much better chances than they did and it would be realistic if the match was over with a draw – Lalatović points out.

The second goal for Vojvodina tonight was scored by Zukić from a free kick.

– Nice goal, but all the players deserve praise. We work very hard and don’t even bother refreshing ourselves. I have my own way of working and I do not deviate from it. I was not interested in having a game tonight and therefore yesterday we had two and today before noon one hard training. Basically, in 48 hours, we had three training sessions and a match – says Lalatović.

In the second half, for Vojvodina played striker Nikolay Obolskiy, 23, who during the last half-season was a member of Dinamo Moscow and is currently on a trial among the red and whites.

– He seems to have quality. He went into one hundred percent chance when the keeper defended, and after that he hit the crossbar, so the course of the game could have been much different. He pleased me today and played correctly, he saved every ball. It can be seen that he needs to get used to us a little more, but he has the potential – says Lalatović.

The Manager of Vojvodina is also pleased that, after the game against Rapid, the goal for Vojvodina again scored the recovered Nemanja Čović.

– He came out of a bad injury and played a really good game today. He jumped well, ran, scored from the penalty and distributed the ball well. I said earlier that when he recovers, Čović will be our biggest reinforcement – emphasizes Lalatović.

Vojvodina players have five more days to work in Belek.

– Tomorrow we will have recovery training, on Monday training and a game, on Tuesday again two training sessions and then on Wednesday and Thursday again we have two games. In the next match, one lineup will play 60 and the other 30 minutes, and in the last two matches the same squad will play the whole match – said Lalatović.