After the victory of his team over Kabel, Vojvodina’s boss Nenad Lalatović said he is pleased with the performance of his team and that he believes that, during the preparations in Turkey, the team’s form will reach the optimum level for the start of the season.

Vojvodina has beaten Kabel today with a score of 1-0 (0-0), in a friendly match played in Veternik.

– This was a nice check for us. Before the start of the game, I told the players that the result didn’t really matter, because we entered the match out of great effort. We’ve had a hell of a rhythm these two weeks and they are very tired and heavy, so tomorrow they will get a day off. We played two halves of 45 minutes each and ran out well. Lots of good play is missing, but that will come in Turkey. Until then, we will work on physical fitness, because that is the most important thing for me to play this half-season as I expect. The spring half-season is going to be a lot harder than the fall, because we have a hell of a tough schedule, and we’ve got a few new players and we need to fit it all again in order to be good – says Lalatović.

The scorer of the winning goal for Vojvodina at today’s game was Miljan Vukadinović after the shot by striker Momčilo Mrkaić.

– I am pleased that two new players took part in the goal which brought us our first victory during the preparations. However, even if we played a draw, I would not be angry at the players. It is important to me that they ran and that we played the game aerobically well, although as a coach I am always happy when we win – notes Lalatović.

At today’s match, Vojvodina performed without several important players.

– There are some who were absent due to injuries and illnesses, so we forcibly invited two youngsters. In the first and second half, we played with the combined team, and I told the players that this is the beginning. Those who impose themselves will play, and the old merit doesn’t interest me at all, and no one should think that he can live on them. This spring has to be new, the competition is hellish and those 11 who will be the best during the stay in Turkey will be the starting lineup in the first round against Proleter – Lalatović points out.

According to him, some more players may be expected to join Voša in the coming period.

– When I brought Mrkaić, I said that I am very pleased with Matić, who scored nine goals this season and, for me, is the best central forward in the league. However, we only have one striker and that is not normal for Vojvodina, because when he could not play, I put midfielders in his position. For that reason, we had to sign another striker. We currently have only one left back Devetak, who, because of yellow cards, is not eligible to play in the first round in the spring, so we need another left back. When will we sign him, I don’t know. I have provided a list of players that we can bring, but there are small troubles in the negotiations, as the players have slightly higher demands and therefore have not yet found a common language with the management of the club. We need to bring another player in this position so he can play against Proleter – says Lalatović.

Vojvodina will train at FC Vujadin Boškov until Thursday, as on Friday it departs for two-weeks preparations in Turkey.

– We have a day off tomorrow, and we will continue on Monday and Tuesday in a strong pace. On Wednesday we will play a friendly game against Spartak, when we will also perform with two different lineups in each half, and on Thursday we will have recovery training. On Friday, we travel to Turkey, where we will spend 14 days and play six games – said Lalatović.