After his team’s victory over Napredak, Vojvodina’s Manager, Nenad Lalatović, said that this triumph he dedicates to his nine-year-old daughter.

Vojvodina beat Napredak tonight by 0-2 (0-0), in the second round of the Super League of Serbia.

– I dedicate this victory to my daughter. As you know, at the last game I was insulted and I deserve it, but my nine-year-old child doesn’t. There is justice and there is God and I personally dedicate this win to my daughter. It was a good game and I have to praise Napredak, because it has a good team and if it won a point today, it would not be undeserved. In the first half we had chances that we did not use, but in the second half we entered very well and scored goals. Simply, when you believe in what you do, then God will reward you. To Napredak as a club and Kruševac as a city, I wish lots of luck in further competition. I really like Kruševac, and this city and fans of Napredak deserve that their team plays in Europe, so I congratulate once again to Napredak on the performance it has showed tonight – said Lalatović.

In the next round, Voša will play against Rad at Karađorđe.