After the defeat of his team by Spartak, the Manager of Vojvodina, Nenad Lalatović, stated that it could be seen that the red and whites had a long break and reiterated that no team in the league will enter the remaining part of of the season at the same level as it was.

Today, Vojvodina was defeated by Spartak with the result of 0-1 (0-0), in a friendly match played in Veternik.

– For me, the result is always the most important thing, so it was certainly for the players, especially since this was our general rehearsal. I can be satisfied with the performance in the first 60-70 minutes and I think we were a better team then. We had a three or four hundred percent chances and missed something that was harder to miss than to score. We have to be hungrier in the finish of the attacks and my players must have a greater desire to win. It was seen on Spartak and us that we had a long break of 55 days, during which the players just trained at home and ran in the parks, and that will be seen on other teams as well – says Lalatović.

According to him, all the matches in the remaining four rounds will be very interesting and uncertain.

– After such a long break, no one can enter the season at the same level as they were. What is important to me today is that the commitment was good and that we created chances, and of the three friendly matches we have played lately, this may have been our best game, against a serious team like Spartak. As time goes on, I’m sure we’ll play even better. Now, the game against Čukarički is important to us, and then against Mladost, which is even more important for me, because I think we are already very close to Europe. When I returned to the club, my task was that Vojvodina, after a two-year break, plays in Europe again, and I hope that it will play with me as a coach. Also, after Čukarički and Radnički, I would like to participate in the semifinals of the Serbian Cup with Vojvodina too, which would be the third time in a row for me – says Lalatović.

The Manager of Vojvodina is aware that the red and whites will have to improve their form during upcoming matches.

– What we currently absolutely miss the the most is time. However, as it is for us, so it is for others, so we should not expect a particularly nice game from us, Spartak or any other team. The winners will be those who are more lucky and who know how to use the first chance they make. We would have won today if we had scored first. Spartak literally did not have any chance in the match and scored from the penalty, while we had three or four hundred percent chances that we had to use, so then the result would be much more convincing in our favor. However, when you miss such chances, then you lose the game. However, absolutely nothing worries me, because I am satisfied with how we trained and how we played today – Lalatović points out.

Vojvodina started preparations for the continuation of the season on May 4, that is, less than three weeks ago.

– We worked with greater intensity for two weeks, and in this third week we slightly reduced the intensity of work, since we also played friendly matches. We couldn’t do it the way I wanted, but quickly, that is, as time allowed us – Lalatović notes.

According to him, the players’ desire to win can be a decisive factor in the remaining competitive matches.

– Believe me that every game is important to me, even when we played here against Kabel and Bačka. I want every match to be important to my players too, because they must be hungry for success and victory. The only thing I blame the players for today is that finish of the attacks, in which we were not hungry enough to push the ball into the net. We will have a very important match against Čukarički, but even if the result be unfavorable for us, it will not be the end of the world. However, I believe in my team and our victory – says Lalatović.

Only five days after the match against Čukarički, Voša is expecting the quarterfinals of the Serbian Cup against Mladost at Karađorđe.

– It will be the most difficult match for us, because I am sure that Mladost will not play in their best lineup against Partizan. According to the information I have, they are saving themselves and training just to get us out of the Cup. We will not save ourselves for Mladost and now I am only thinking about Čukarički, because, even though that match is in my subconscious, I do not want to look so far ahead. They are certainly the toughest possible opponent for us, because Mladost is an organized and disciplined team. The Cup is the most uncertain competition and only one game is played, and when that is the case, then everyone can knock everyone out – Lalatović points out.

The Manager of Vojvodina points out that he has not yet extended his contract with the club, but that he believes that it will happen at the beginning of next week.

– I am in no hurry and it is not up to me to say whether I should extend the contract or not. There is the management of the club and they will make that decision, and they said that we will extend the cooperation on Monday. I know how much I worth and what I have done for Vojvodina since I came. Vojvodina is now another team, much more successful and better, which has much better performances. It is third on the table and can be the runner-up of Serbia, as well as play in the semifinals of the Cup. If I do not extend my contract with Vojvodina, I will work somewhere else, but I would like to stay in Vojvodina – said Lalatović.

The next match, Vojvodina will play on Friday, when, in the 27th round of the Serbian Super League, it will meet Čukarički at Karađorđe. That match will start at 5 pm and will be played without the presence of spectators.