After the draw of his team against Lviv, the Manager of Vojvodina Nenad Lalatović stated that it is evident that the red and whites are tired of the strenuous preparations.

Vojvodina played a 0-0 draw today against Lviv from Ukraine, in a friendly match played in Belek.

– This was another good check for us, which we played only 40 hours after the previous game against Maribor. I am pleased with the approach and what we have shown, because I see that the players aim and want to do what we do in training. It could also be seen that we are tired, but when matches are played so often, with training in between, it is quite normal. The players complain a little before the game that their legs are heavy, but now they should feel that way, because their legs will be light when the season begins. What is most important is that at each game we repeat what we do in training. Today, Veselinović also appeared, to whom this was the first game since his injury and it is important that he returned. As for Obolskiy, we will see if he will stay in Vojvodina – said Lalatović.