After the victory of his team against Radnik, the Manager of Vojvodina, Nenad Lalatović, stated that the red and whites played attacking from the very beginning, which brought them a well-deserved victory in the second half.

Today, Vojvodina has beaten Radnik 2-0 (0-0), in the eighth round of the Serbian Super League.

– Congratulations to both teams on the shown performance, and I wish Radnik and my colleague good luck in the further course of the competition. Since Đole came as a coach, it can be seen that Radnik plays even better, more aggressive and better football. I am sure that his hand will be recognized, and he showed what kind of coach he is by leading the Red Star in the youth Champions League. I am sure that, under his leadership, the results will come, which I wish him with all my heart – says Lalatović.

He is pleased with today’s performance of his team.

– You saw that from the first minute we tried and wanted to win this match, that is, to forget Ivanjica as soon as possible. I am very sorry for that game, because we deserved to win. It’s nice to be second on the table, even for two days. In terms of its quality and the way it plays, Vojvodina deserves even more than that. Our determination was offensive and to try to score a goal as soon as possible – Lalatović points out.

The Manager of Vojvodina also praised the guests for what they shown at this match.

– Radnik defended itself well and in an organized manner and tried to endanger us from the counter and semi-counter attacks. In the first half, they had one hundred percent chance, when Goran intervened brilliantly. They ran that counter phenomenally, but God looked at us and saved us. He gave us for those misses in Ivanjica to happen to Radnik today. If they had scored then, who knows in which direction the game would have gone – Lalatović notes.

Regardless of the 0-0 result at halftime, he talked calmly with the players in the locker room.

– We talked in the locker room at half time, we were calm and composed. It was obvious that the goal was hanging and that we could score it. I told the players that we need to fill 16 meters even more, that we have a calmer pass in the end and that we need to hit the goal range. We had chances in the first half, but we didn’t score a goal – Lalatović points out.

He also praised the scorer of the first goal for Vojvodina, Petar Bojić, over whom a penalty was later made.

– Mrkaić sent the ball straight to their goalkeeper with a five-meter header. Then I rotated, since both Mrkaić and Bojić can play in that position. Bojić showed that he is doing phenomenally well as a central forward. He scored a fantastic goal, and at the second goal he used the space and played the return pass, when it was a clear penalty – says Lalatović.

The Manager of Vojvodina also paid tribute to the referees.

– I like to praise referees when they deserve it. When they don’t deserve it, I criticize them. And they should be criticized when they don’t do well, but lately I am very satisfied with the referees. I only think on my Vojvodina, because I don’t watch other teams. Nobody has ever helped Vojvodina, and I am grateful for that, but I also don’t want anyone to makes it harder for us. The referees showed today that they are European level. The advantage let by the main referee shows that he is a European level, although I want to praise all four referees – Lalatović points out.

He believes that an inadequate referees must be specifically sanctioned.

– The football association should be rigorous, as it was now rigorous towards the referees who caused damage to some. When they do something like that, then they should be put aside, but on the other hand, they must be rewarded when they do good. That is the only thing that is right for Serbian football, and that is the only way we can move forward. If you watched Red Star, Partizan and TSC in Europe, you saw how it is done there. It is not important there whether you are Red Star, Partizan or TSC, since when it is a penalty, it is a penalty, and when it is a red card, it is a red card. It must be like that in Serbian football as well – Lalatović points out.

Already on Thursday, Vojvodina is expecting a match against Standard in Liège, in the third round of qualifications for the Europa League.

– I have already watched three of their games and they are really a top team. They have amazing wingers, mobile midfielders, a strong striker… It is a club that has been the champion of Belgium 10 times, so there is no need to waste words on the Standard Liège. Their two players earn like all players of Vojvodina together with the staff. A difficult match awaits us, but anything is possible in football. One game is being played, and we as Vojvodina and I as a coach have no reason to be afraid. I implanted it in my players, which you can see for yourself. We won the Cup final, although no one expected that – Lalatović reminds.

He believes that Voša can reach the playoffs of the Europa League.

– Why can’t we eliminate Standard? Of course they are favorites, but I absolutely believe we can get through. If it doesn’t be like that, it will not be the end of the world, and if it does, it will be another great victory for our Vojvodina. We have already analyzed them, and now we will slowly start introducing the players to their quality. We are going to oppose them, and we will only defend ourselves if Standard be much better and more dominant than us. If we attack them and play bravely, I think we can reach the fourth round – says Lalatović.

Vojvodina will be weakened in Liège, because goalkeeper Nikola Simić will not be able to play due to injury.

– It is a big handicap for us and I am very sorry that Simić got injured, which is why he will be absent for between four and six weeks. This is Goran’s first game and of course I encouraged him, because he absolutely deserved it. He defended phenomenally. Vojvodina really has great goalkeepers, which was first shown by Rockov. He is our A national team member and our child, and I coached him in both the first and second term. He showed that he is deservedly where he is and I would be the happiest if both them and us pass to the fourth round, so that we could meet at Karađorđe and he comes home – Lalatović points out.

The Manager of Vojvodina also explained why Siniša Saničanin did not play against Radnik.

– He played two games for the national team and this would be his third in 10 days. We wanted to rest him, so that he would be ready and fresh to give 100 percent in Liège, because there is a lot of duel with his strong and robust central forward waiting for him. I have rested him now, but he will start the game against Standard – says Lalatović.

In the Belgian media, the Manager of Vojvodina is presented as a very specific coach, with great energy and a special way in which he leads his team.

– I like when someone says something positive about me, which is rarely done in Serbian football. I always love the club I work for and I do my best for it. It’s nice to hear something like that, but I’d rather be praised in Serbia than somewhere abroad. I was born here and I think that people here should respect me more, because everything I do, I do for Serbian football and the well-being of the team I lead. My character is as it is, victorious. I like to say that I have been trained to win since I was a child and I will never change myself. If any other coach in Serbia made results like me, he would be on the front pages. Even when I make a really great result, it is somehow covered up, it is written about for two days and it is forgotten. For some others, when they tie two victories, it is written as if they won the Champions League – said Lalatović.

The match between Standard and Vojvodina in Liège will be played on Thursday, starting at 8 p.m.