After the draw of his team against Freiberg, the Manager of Vojvodina Nenad Lalatović stated that he is not satisfied with the final result, but that the second half was played in totally non-football conditions.

Vojvodina played a 2-2 draw today against Freiberg in a friendly match played in Belek.

– This was another good check for us. With the first half, after which we led 2-0, I can be satisfied, while in the second half, due to rain and strong wind, there were no conditions for football. Literally, whenever we wanted to shoot the ball, it went back to our penalty area, and the Germans came out high and managed to use it by scoring two goals. Neither through the pass, nor over the long balls, were we able to move the game to their half. We have one more check left, and with all that we have done so far in preparations I can be very pleased. Today I am not happy with the result and it should not happen to concede such two goals, although in the first part of the match we could see that we are much better than them. There is no excuse for that, because every game has to be won, especially when we run 2-0 – says Lalatović.

In a general chech before the start of the second half season, Vojvodina will play against Rubin from Kazan tomorrow.

– It’s a general rehearsal on paper, because we really played a lot of games in a few days. But there is no time for rest and I just hope it will be a much better weather than today, even though they say it will not. In any case, it will be a nice check for us to see where we are and what we are. In that last game, the most important thing for me is that no one gets hurt, that we run well and play well, and as soon as we get back to Serbia, I will give the players two and a half days off to rest and refresh. After that, we start getting ready for the first spring round, and that’s the only thing I’m interested in – Lalatović notes.

In tomorrow’s match, he will likely give a chance to players who did not play today against Freiberg.

– One lineup will play the whole game, and I will only make changes if one of them gets hurt. We do not have a large number of players here anyway – said Lalatović.