After the defeat of his team against TSC, Vojvodina’s Manager Nenad Lalatović said the host was more aggressive and determined, and that this decided the winner.

Today, Vojvodina lost against TSC in Senta with a score of 2-0 (1-0), in the 20th round of the Super League of Serbia.

– Congratulations to both teams on everything they did this half-season. TSC is a new member of Super League and under the guidance of my colleague Sabo it is playing really great. One club organized in this way, in my opinion, deserves even to play in Europe. As for my team, I’m very proud of the players. Last half-season, Vojvodina had 22 points at the break, now it has 42 points, which is almost 100 percent more. Great progress is made, and I am pleased that six players under the age of 20 have ended this game on the pitch: Devetak, Veselinović, Topić, Zukić, Nešković and Kokir, which also makes me very proud. I congratulate to people from the Youth Academy for making such players for the first team – says Lalatović.

According to him, giving chances to young players will continue in the second part of the season too.

– That is what we are focusing on, because Vojvodina has to live off its own Academy and sell players in order to stand on its feet and do its best to play in Europe next season, and I am sure that it will be the case. When I came here 15-20 days before the start of the season, it was not easy, because we were making a new team of Vojvodina, although this is the same Vojvodina from last season, with only two or three new players in the starting lineup – says Lalatović.

The Manager of Vojvodina is not happy with the way his team played today.

– As for today’s game, TSC came into it more decisively and aggressively, although I said that this team is characterized by fighting spirit and discipline. To beat TSC, which is an experienced team with great players, you must be stronger in tacklings than them. In virtually every match we analyzed, they won more than 50 percent of tacklings, and the team that succeeds in that usually wins. My players today did not follow what I asked them to do, but I can not blame them. TSC deservedly won, but we are still second. We will see how the remaining games will end, but even if we don’t finish as second, we do not chase for that anyway, because my goal, as well as the goal of the players and the club, is that Vojvodina qualifies to Europe, which as a club and Novi Sad as a town absolutely deserve – says Lalatović.

He did not wanted to comment on Nikola Lazetić’s status at Vojvodina and his relationship with him.

– What I had to say on the subject, I said – said Lalatović.

The match against TSC was the last one for Vojvodina this half-season, and the reunion before the start of preparations for the second part of the season is scheduled for January 3rd, when the first team will perform the necessary medical examinations, and a day later the red and whites will start training.