After the victory of his team over Radnik, Vojvodina’s boss Nenad Lalatović said that red and whites deserve to be Serbian runner up.

Vojvodina has beaten Radnik today with a score of 1-0 (0-0), in the 19th round of the Super League of Serbia.

– Congratulations to both teams on the performance shown, and to my colleague, Radnik’s players and the people who run the club I wholeheartedly wish to stay in the league and I am sure they will succeed in that, because they have a good coach, quality players and they are one of the most organized clubs in Serbia – says Lalatović.

In today’s match, just like in the last round against Rad, Vojvodina did not use a penalty in its favor.

– Against Rad we missed a penalty with the score 2-1, when we could solve the game, and now at 0-0. However, both penalties were taken by young players: Topić, who is 18, and Veselinović, who is 20. In training, we practice penalty kicks and they shoot them well, and at the game I always let the penalty be taken by a determined player who wants to do it himself. However, they may have lacked the experience to turn a penalty into a goal – says Lalatović.

Nonetheless, he is happy with the performance shown by red and whites.

– We had the initiative throughout the 90 minutes, although chances also had Radnik, which played openly and wanted to win one or all three points. Fortunately, it failed to do so, and today some other results have also come to our hand. It’s not easy to play when you know that if you don’t win, you will lose a second position and that is why there was a lot of pressure on my players. I am pleased that again we had five players under the age of 20 on the pitch, and with such a young team, reinforced by three or four experienced players, we are still in the second position, with Partizan currently being four points behind us, and Čukarički two. There is one more round left and, if God allows, I think we deserve to be Serbian runner up, which would be a great success for all of us here – says Lalatović.

The boss also emhasized the good atmosphere among his players.

– This is the biggest success for my players and I congratulate them on everything they have done this half-season. Teams are equal and it is not easy to play. Neither are we better than others, nor are others better than us, but we have a strong collective, and the atmosphere in the club over the last month and a half has been really great. I have to say that we have been working without a sports director for a month and a half, because we do not have one. I do not know if Nikola Lazetić officially quit, but since his leaving, the atmosphere in the club has improved a lot. The players are smiling again and the employees are happy. Good results are created from a good atmosphere, and it was a little shaken at one point – Lalatović points out.

In the last match this year, Voša will play against TSC in Senta on Sunday.

– I hope we will play a good match against TSC on Sunday at 3pm, and that will be a derby match. On this occasion, I invite all our fans to come there in biggest possible number. When we played here, there were a lot of their fans and that is why I hope that over there will be a lot of our fans from Novi Sad. I hope we will return undefeated from that difficult away game, although I would like to win all three points – said Lalatović.

For all Vojvodina fans who want to attend the match against TSC in Senta, a free shuttle and ticket will be provided on Sunday. The gathering is scheduled for 12:30 pm at the south stand of Karađorđe, and the departure of the bus is scheduled at 1 pm.