After the victory of his team against Inđija, the Manager of Vojvodina, Nenad Lalatović, stated that the red and whites showed that they are currently among the best teams in Serbia.

Today, Vojvodina beat Inđija 0-2 (0-0), in the ninth round of the Serbian Super League.

– Inđija is a quality opponent, which has great individuals and which it is never easy to win. Before this match, I was scared only because we played 120 minutes four days ago, traveled and came at five in the morning, so the players were really tired. However, we have once again shown that what we have shown in Liège is a true indicator of our strength, and that we are currently among the best teams in Serbia. That shows the place on the table, because we are currently third, and we are also the winners of the Cup – says Lalatović.

After a successful last season, Vojvodina is playing great in this season as well, since in the first nine rounds it has six wins, two draws and only one defeat.

– It is difficult to repeat two successful seasons with the same players, but they show that they are deservedly right where they are and I am very proud of them. I am also satisfied with the players who came in from the bench, because they reversed the result again, and I am glad that my staff, led by me, again made good decisions regarding the substitutions. Bojić and Čović scored the winning goals and we won three big points. I wish Inđija all the best, because a club like this deserves to stay in the Super League and I wish it with all my heart, and we are turning to the next game against Novi Pazar – Lalatović points out.

The Manager of Vojvodina is aware that his team will have an extremely difficult away game in the next round.

– Novi Pazar is a home team and it is very difficult to take points there, and they even won against Partizan at home. However, I was not so focused on them, because I thought more about this match, before which I felt fear because of the trip and the fact that we “died” against Standard. However, I absolutely believe in my team and I am satisfied with how we played both the first and the second half – said Lalatović.

The victory against Inđija is the 58th triumph for Nenad Lalatović on the bench of Vojvodina, which, counting both mandates in the Old Lady, he has led on 98 games so far. In that way, in terms of the number of victories, he caught up with the legendary Branko Stanković, who also achieved 58 victories with Voša, but in 140 games. Only Gustav Lehner has more victories than Lalatović on the bench of Vojvodina, since he achieved 61 triumphs in 131 matches. In terms of percentage, Nenad Lalatović already has the best score in terms of victories in relation to the number of games on the bench of Vojvodina, and considering that Gustav Lehner is only three victories ahead, there is no doubt that Lalatović will break that record this season as well and enter the rich history of the club.