After his team won against Inđija, Vojvodina’s Manager Nenad Lalatović said he is not happy with the performance of red and whites and required them to play much better in the future.

Vojvodina has beaten Inđija today with a score of 1-0 (1-0), in the 14th round of the Super League of Serbia.

– Congratulations to Inđija on their performance, and to my players only for the win. I think Vojvodina has to do much better, especially in comparison to what it has shown in the last two games. The players have that pressure of having to win at home, although victories should be something normal when it comes to Vojvodina, while on the side we play much better and more relieved. I told the players after the match that I do not understand why they put such pressure on themselves, when they are third in the table – says Lalatović.

According to him, the solution to this problem depends largely on the players themselves.

– Here is very important the character and that is why it should be taken into account that 80 percent of the players from this team were ninth last season, today they are third, and if Čukarički played a draw, they would even be second. However, I am a coach who expects a lot more from my team and I told them tonight that I am dissatisfied. The last two matches we have won in advance on paper, but not on the pitch. Tonight even with a player more on the pitch, we didn’t created any chances, but again, every victory is a victory. Also, an extra player on the pitch does not have to mean a lot anymore, because when the opponent gets in the formation that their central forward guards Drinčić, and my whole defense is even behind him, then there is no great advantage. For getting the adventage, you must have the offensive players moving a lot more and putting pressure on their back line, and we didn’t do that today – Lalatović points out.

Within three days, Voša is expecting another tough game.

– We continue with a heavy rhythm, because we have a clash against Partizan. Since I came just twenty days before the start of the season, this summer the team has not undergone the preparations I normally carry out, which is important for that high pressure on the opponent’s half, which I always ask my players to do, because there is no reason to allow our rival to bring the ball to our side of the pitch. However, only very well prepared teams can do this and, at the moment, this is a big problem for us. I hope we will resolve this in December, when we will surely sign two or three true Super League players, so that we don’t need to worry about the fight for Europe, because Vojvodina as a club, Novi Sad as a city and our fans absolutely deserve to watch their team on the European stage. In the last four times when playing the qualifiers for the Europa League, Vojvodina has managed to reach the playoffs three times, under the leadership of Marko Nikolić, Zlatomir Zagorčić and myself, and I hope that we can do it again, because the north of Serbia needs something like that – says Lalatović.

Vojvodina’s Manager points out that today’s defeat of Partizan against Čukarički does not change the opinion he has about the next rival of his team.

– Partizan absolutely has a very good team. They may have some problems when playing on the side, but at home they play very well, which we could see against Manchester. We have a very tough game ahead, but we have nothing to lose. We’ll go there to play and every result except defeat will be a success for us. Of course, since we are third in the standings, I as a coach will go there with lots of confidence, and so do my players must think like that too – says Lalatović.

Towards the end of the first half of today’s match, referee Lazar Lukić interrupted the match for 15 minutes due to certain shouting and banners in the stands.

– It certainly disturbs the players a bit because it cools them down, but I wouldn’t comment that too much. It would maybe be better if that break did not happen, but it is not for me to deal with that – said Lalatović.

The match between Partizan and Vojvodina in Belgrade is scheduled for 2pm on Saturday.