After the victory of his team over Mačva, Vojvodina’s Manager Nenad Lalatović congratulated his players on the triumph and emphasized that they acted as a real team.

Vojvodina has beaten Mačva today by 0-1 (0-1), in round 16 of the Super League of Serbia.

– Congratulations to both teams on the game shown. My colleague, Mačva, their administration and Šabac as a city, absolutely deserve to be in the Super League. At the games, their fans create an atmosphere that maybe is not pleasant for me, but they love their club a lot and that is why I wish them to stay in the Super League with all my heart – says Lalatović.

He is pleased with the way his team has played today.

– From the first to the last minute, we played hard and aggressively, because we knew that Mačva also plays tough football. We used our first chance, when Matić received the ball and scored, and in the first half we could easily solve the game. Eze was in a one-on-one situation, and then Bojić had a one hundred percent chance… Unfortunately, we didn’t realize that, so I was scared, because after that usually comes a punishment. However, my players today acted as a real team – points out Lalatović.

The Manager of Vojvodina emphasized the importance of collective play.

– In Serbian football, only Red Star and Partizan have money to pay for players who are able to solve the game individually. We can only play collectively, and that’s exactly how we came to victory today. We stood well in the middle block and defensively we did everything flawlessly, and I think we deserved to win – says Lalatović.

He urged the sporting public to pay more attention to Vojvodina in the future, noting that the club deserved it with its results this season.

– I hope that now journalists will give a little more praise to Vojvodina, and not just whip us when we lose or play a draw. When I came, Vojvodina was seventh on the table, now it is second, and I do not see any praise from journalists from Novi Sad, from Sportski Žurnal and others. I only see the criticism and I don’t know what the reason is. Maybe it is because Vojvodina is the second or that it qualify to Europe? I came here for that, and if I bother, I can leave, it’s no problem. I have no hair on my tongue and I’m sorry when my players ask me: “Boss, is it possible that we are never in the newspaper? Is it possible that no one writes about Vojvodina and the second or third place in the table? They just spit on us and criticize when we lose.” I wonder if anyone in the next 14 days, at least on page seven, will write anything about my players. Vojvodina is a big club and it is sad that nobody in Serbia talks or writes anything nice about it. It is a shame and I am very sorry about that, because I see Vojvodina as my second home, so I cannot believe some things. I hope that at least 80 percent of our administration is happy that we won today, and 20 percent maybe isn’t. But what can I do? My players showed how to fight for the club. We don’t have a large fund of players, but from what we have, I make the most of it. They give me their heart and I give them my soul – notes Lalatović.

He also revealed what the plan is for the red and whites over the next two weeks.

– In the last 14 days, we have played five games, so players will get Sunday and Monday off. I can’t give them more than that, because there can’t be any relaxation until the end. From Tuesday we will train twice a day, play a game against Inđija on Saturday, Sunday will be free, and after that we will start preparing for the match against Napredak. I would also like to emphasize that I dedicate today’s victory to our fans, who have shown their love and support for the club, and I thank them for that – said Lalatović.

Due to the national team break, next weekend there will be no matches in the Super League of Serbia, and the season will continue in two weeks, when Vojvodina will face Napredak from Kruševac at home.