Vojvodina’s Manager, Nenad Lalatović, said he is pleased with his team’s performance in today’s game against Triglav, although he is angered by the fact that his players easily received two goals.

Vojvodina beat Triglav today by 2-3 (0-0), in friendly match played in Krško.

– When we win, I must be satisfied, especially considering that this is a new team with many young players. We scored all three goals after taking the ball at about 20-30 meters from the opponent’s goal, which means that the players are fulfilling what I am looking for. I was a bit disappointed that we easily received two goals, especially the second one in the 90th minute, which must not happen to us. Nevertheless, the most important thing is that we won and boost our confidence ahead of the season – says Lalatović.

Unfortunately, at today’s match was a new injury of some player of Vojvodina.

– Čović got injured in the first half, because one of their players laid on his leg. He had to leave the pitch and this disturbed a little bit our concept of play, but we quickly returned and in the second part of the match we acted the way I want to – Lalatović emphasizes.

Although the result does not says so, Vojvodina against Triglav was almost equally dominant as against Brežice.

– In the first game we had a weaker opponent. Today, there were also people from Maribor, who came to watch their first opponent in the season, and this was a duo first division teams from Slovenia and Serbia. We were better and deserved to win – said Lalatović.

According to him, the result is always important, regardless of the fact that these are friendly matches.

– This victory can mean a lot to us for self-confidence. I am a new coach and the players need to get used to me and my system of work, and what pleases me and what we showed on both previous matches is that we have phenomenally taken the ball and immediately went into a quick counterattack. On the other hand, we have to correct the defense, because we have received goals easily on both matches so far – says Lalatović.

The heroes of today’s victory were the players raised in the Ilija Pantelić Youth Academy, Dejan Zukić and Mihajlo Nešković, with the first one scoring a goal and making two assists, and the second one putting two balls in the opponent’s net.

– I said that Vojvodina can not rely on seven or eight young players, but on two-three, such as Zukić, Nešković or Kokir, it can. Topić was injured and therefore I could not count on him today. However, if Vojvodina wants to return to where it was, it can not be on the pitch with 11 young and talented players, but must have a mix of youth and experience. I absolutely believe in Zukić, and that’s what I showed by putting him in the game as soon as Čović was injured. Nešković had played all 90 minutes at the last match, and today he got a chance in the second half. He used the space well, while Zukić was persistent and assisted good. What I’m trying on training, and several times I’ve interrupted them because of it, is to make the players use their weaker leg, and not constantly shift the ball to their stronger one. Today Zukić crossed the ball with his weaker foot and allowed Nešković to score. Also, I must say that Bojić played phenomenally in the position of the forward – said Lalatović.