Vojvodina Sports Director Nikola Lazetić said that by organizing friendly matches with clubs from strong European leagues, he wants to somehow compensate Vojvodina fans for not having their team participate in European competitions this season.

The expedition of FK Vojvodina arrived in Brescia last night, where Old Lady is expecting a match against the club from this city and a member of the Italian Serie A, today at 3 pm at the stadium Orzinuovi. According to Lazetić, this match will be of great benefit for the red and whites.

– We are pleased with the performance of our team so far, but since we have the ambition to make a remarkable appearance on the European scene next season as well, this game will be good to see where we are compared to the teams coming from much stronger competitions from ours. In this way, we will have a clearer picture of the values ​​of our team and we will know in which direction we should work in the coming period – said Lazetić.

This match was aranged thanks to a friendship between him and Brescia’s Manager Eugenio Corini, with whom he played together in Torino and Chievo.

– There are lots of clubs that we talked about playing friendly games with, but the problem is that clubs from those strongest leagues schedule such games months in advance and know exactly how they will use each national team break. Due to circumstances, this was not yet the case with Brescia, so my friend Corini and I agreed on everything literally in a day – Lazetić notes.

According to him, it is certain that Vojvodina will soon bring some of the well-known European teams to Novi Sad.

– We are very eager to play some friendly game with a strong European team in Novi Sad, because we want to somehow allow our fans to watch real European football live, since Vojvodina does not participate in European competitions this season. For now, the talks are going in the right direction and I believe that an official agreement will be reached soon, and that we will have a real sports spectacle in front of the full stands of our stadium – said Lazetić.

The sports director of FK Vojvodina added that he is proud of the fact that the red and whites have five players in the national team selections and marked it as an indicator that “Vojvodina is great again”.