On this day, exactly 30 years ago, football club Vojvodina officially won its second title of the champion of Yugoslavia.

On this occasion, at its regular gathering in the VIP salon of the stadium Karađorđe, the Veterans Section of FK Vojvodina hosted a special celebration of this beautiful jubilee. At yesterday’s gathering, about 40 veterans recalled these beautiful days from the past of the Old Lady, which were rounded up on May 31, 1989, when Vojvodina, in the next-to-last round of the season, won against Sloboda from Tuzla in Novi Sad by 4-2 and thus theoretically won the title of the champion of the country. To that honor, besides the snack and drinks, a cake with a number 30 was prepared.

The celebration of this great jubilee was also attended by the then president of the club Jovan Smederevac, sports director Milorad Kosanović and reserve goalkeeper Dragan Vasić, and it should be noted that most players from this generation of Vojvodina today live and work abroad.