In the ceremony hall of FC Vujadin Boškov in Veternik, today, organized by the football club Vojvodina and its Veterans Section, a day of remembrance and gratitude was marked as a token of honor to all former celebrated footballers of the Old Lady who, wearing its jersey, left a deep and indelible trace in its history.

In the presence of veterans, members of the club management, employees and representatives of the media, the presents were first addressed by FK Vojvodina president Vojislav Gajić, who emphasized that the Day of Remembrance and Thanksgiving will be celebrated each year in the future and thus become part of the club tradition.

– I am very excited that I have the opportunity to address the living legends of the oldest civil club in Serbia, because all of you, as well as those who are no longer with us, have great credit for what Vojvodina is today, for which I thank you immensely. I feel that we are all one today and I hope that the Veterans Section, which was officially established, will be even more involved in the work of the club in the future, because you certainly have something to say, as you have said on the pitch – said Gajić.

After him, the guests were addressed by the president of the Veterans Section of FK Vojvodina, Vasa Pušibrk, who was a member of the first title-winning generation of the Old Lady.

– I am grateful to president Gajić and his associates for the initiative to commemorate the Day of Remembrance and Thanksgiving, a day in which we want to remember all those who have woven their lives into the history of our Voša. For more than a century, Vojvodina’s jersey has been worn by hundreds and hundreds of boys and mature men, who proudly defended the colors of this club. All of them, in common, had a love for football, Novi Sad and this climate, under which they dreamed of goals, joys and careers – said Pušibrk and then read the names of all the players who played more than 100 official appearances during their careers in Vojvodina, as well as of the coaches and presidents who have left a notable mark in club history.

He then presented a suitable gift to the president of the club, Vojislav Gajić, as well as to two of the oldest veterans of Vojvodina among those who were present, Dragić Živković and Čedomir Sentin, just like to former long-time doctor of FK Vojvodina Vladimir Višković.

In the second part of today’s ceremony, FK Vojvodina’s president Vojislav Gajić informed the public that the club had recently signed nine professional and 12 scholarship contracts with boys from Youth Academy, who then entered the hall and caused applause. According to the club president, that way they were symbolically shown to always be aware of which great players have worn the jersey of Vojvodina, which should and must oblige them to always represent the club with such a long and bright tradition in the best possible manner.

– We have a rich history and therefore have a chance for a bright future. Work at the club lately and the fact that these guys have signed professional and scholarship contracts indicates that trust in Vojvodina is being restored, and in the future, they should bear the burden and the glory of this club. We will continue with this practice in the future, paying attention only to their quality, not to age, because it is no longer important whether someone is 15 or 18 years old – Gajić emphasized.

Professional contracts with Vojvodina were signed by Stefan Dražic (goalkeeper, 2001), Aleksa Batos (central midfielder, 2002), Dragan Kokanović (attacking midfielder, 2002), Matvey Martinkevich (striker, 2002), David Pantić (midfielder, 2002), Aleksa Radmilović (attacking midfielder, 2002), Luka Kljajić (left back, 2002), Luka Đurović (central midfielder, 2002) and Vladan Novevski (striker, 2002), while scholarships were signed by Nikola Tedić (attacking midfielder, 2003), Srđan Isakovski (central midfielder, 2003), Miloš Popadić (striker, 2003), Milan Vidaković (goalkeeper, 2003), Željko Stanojević (striker, 2003), Miloš Popović (central midfielder, 2004), Dejan Bogunović (goalkeeper, 2004), Dragan Trninić (right back, 2004), Luka Drobnjak (central back, 2004), Siniša Tanjga (central back, 2004), Branislav Milanov (left back, 2004) and Lukijan Abadžija (attacking midfielder, 2004).

Also, FK Vojvodina’s president Vojislav Gajić has announced another news that will surely delight Old Lady fans, and that is that 35-year-old Nikola Drinčić has extended his contract with the club until June 2021.