Vojvodina Football Club today officially presented its new player. After four years spent in Zemun, where, especially during the last season, he showed great form, the new member of the Old Lady became potential U-21 representative of our country Nemanja Vučić.

He was born on June 11, 1996 in Kosovska Mitrovica and plays in the position of left back, and signed a contract with Vojvodina for the period until June 2022. As the new player of Vojvodina, today for the first time he addressed the public at a press conference held at the Sheraton Hotel.

– I am glad and thankful to the management and sports director for allowing me to come to Vojvodina. When they contacted me, they gave me their ideas and plans, and I’m glad that the football club Vojvodina will function like this in the future. We quickly agreed and I’m sure that I will be able to justify their trust. On this occasion, I would also like to thank my former club Zemun, where I spent a beautiful four years and in which I learned a lot – said Vučić.

Although practically only two days ago he was elected to his position, the new sports director of FK Vojvodina, Nikola Lazetić, discovered that the club has already done a lot of work on strengthening the team squad.

– We signed a contract with Topić, one of the most talented players in Serbia, but his contract has been a problem for a long time. Now we have agreed to sign a deal that is in his, but also in the interest of the club. We want to extend cooperation with Nešković, whose contract expires in a year, because we can not allow someone who is the future of the club to so easily leave without compensation. There is a controversial clause in Zukić’s contract, but with him we are close to signing a new contract and ejection of a clause that is harmful to the club – notes Lazetić.

Vojvodina players are currently in fitness preparations at Zlatibor, and some new players have already joined them there.

– We brought Drinčić, one of the more serious players in our league, who helped Radnički to make a historic success. During his career, he showed his authority and character, and we just need someone to drag the team even when it does not go well, or who will serve as an example to younger players with his professionalism. We also returned Marko Đurišić, who was classified as a troubled young man, but we want to give him another chance. Simply, we have established the principle that if someone does not behave adequately, as Mesarović and others who remained in Novi Sad, he simply can not play for Vojvodina, regardless of how talented he is – said Lazetić.

The Sports Director of FK Vojvodina also pointed out that the club had reached an agreement with young 19-year-old Partizan player Jovan Kokir, who spent last half-season on loan at Teleoptik, and that this talented left-wing player also became a member of the Old Lady. However, according to Lazetic’s words, the transfer window for Vojvodina is still not complete, as two more players are planed to be signed on the positions of the central back and right wing, and also stressed that the club will soon appoint its new Manager.

The complete stream of today’s press conference at the Sheraton Hotel can be seen in the following appendix: