At the stadium Karađorđe in Novi Sad, the new grass began to be planted. In this way, Vojvodina’s players will have the opportunity to play this half-season at an ideally prepared pitch, which can surely please them, but also all fans of football and fans of Old Lady.

Unfortunately, the first match in the season, Voša will still have to play in Bačka Palanka as a host, where it will meet Mačva on Saturday, at 8 pm. However, already from the third round of the season and match against Rad, red and whites will be able to play as the home team at Karađorđe.

FK Vojvodina’s president Vojislav Gajić was also present at the beginning of the work on the construction of the new grass. He expressed satisfaction with the optimal conditions for football that will have footballers, but also the hope that the reasons for the joy on the new grass at Karađorđe will be much more in the future for the home team players.