Vojvodina played a draw 2-2 (0-1) against Čukarički, in the second round of the Serbian Super League.

In the match that was played without the presence of spectators at Karađorđe, the teams performed in the following lineups:

Vojvodina: Simić – Andrić, Bralić, Devetak (from 46th Stojković), S. Đorđević – Drinčić, Maksimović (from 38th Saničanin) – Zukić (from 46th Vukadinović), Čović (from 85th Mladenović), Bojić – Mrkaić (from 46th Gemović).

Čukarički: Petrović – Docić, Stevanović, Kamenović, Kajević (from 84th Rakonjac, from 93rd Ostojić) – Puškarić, Savić (from 60th A. Đorđević), Šapić, N’Diaye (from 46th Ćirković) – Birmančević, Vincent (from 93rd Tošić).

The first opportunity in the game was seen in the third minute, when Zukić passed the ball well to Mrkaić, who shot from about 20 meters, but the ball went next to the goal post. On the other hand, Čukarički fought back in the 21st minute, when, after a cross from the left, Puškarić took a header, Simić defended, and then N’Diaye ran on the ball and shot from about four meters, but the ball went a few inches next to the post.

The Belgraders had a new good opportunity in the 33rd minute, when Kamenović ran well on the left side and played a return pass to Birmančević, who shot from ten meters, but Simić defended phenomenally. However, only seven minutes later, Čukarički still took the lead.

The cross was sent from the left side again, and this time the ball fell on the foot of Šapić, who brought his team to the lead with a precise shot from seven to eight meters.

In the 50th minute, the guests could easily have doubled the advantage, after a great shot by Puškarić from about 25 meters diagonally, but once again Simić defended excellently. However, that was only an introduction to what followed four minutes later.

In front of the penalty area of ​​Vojvodina, Vincent accepted the ball,  went through two red and white players, and then overcame the goalkeeper Simić from four to five meters.

However, Vojvodina came back in the 56th minute, when Čović used a good cross from the right side and reduced the score from seven to eight meters.

In the next minute, Drinčić centered from the right side, and in the penalty area of ​​Čukarički, the ball came to Saničanin, who equalized the score with a strong and precise shot from about 11-12 meters.

Voša was able to reach its third goal in the 73rd minute, but, after Drinčić’s cross from the corner and Bralić’s header, Petrović defended. Only three minutes later, the red and whites had another great chance, as Andrić centered, and Gemović shot from fifteen meters diagonally, but the ball went a few centimeters above the crossbar.

By the end of the match, Voša was trying to reach another goal and win, but the guests also had two or three more solid attacks. However, there was no change in the results, so the match ended in a draw.