Are You Easily Influenced

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Canada Goose sale We often hear about ‘original thinkers’ and people that ‘think outside the box’. Are you one? Do you know someone that you think of in that way? Religion and Politics canada goose outlet eu teach us a lot about influence, and the nature of conformity. You may think that you make your own decisions, and walk your own path, but canada goose outlet 80 off when you start to look more closely at canada goose outlet ontario your lifestyle, and the choices you make day to day, you might be surprised by your readiness to follow the trends. Have you, for example, voted more than once for the same political party, even when you’ve been unhappy canada goose outlet store montreal with their policies? Do you perhaps adhere to a religious belief even when you disagree with some its fundamentals? Perhaps, canada goose outlet store toronto in many ways, we humans have much in common with sheep, happily joining in with the rest of the flock. Canada Goose sale

canada goose black friday sale Mankind as a herd speciesFor a long time now, I’ve come to see our kind as a herd species. Don’t laugh! I’m more canada goose outlet england than half canada goose outlet los angeles serious here. How else do you explain how fashion works. One season all the girls are wearing floral dresses, and the canada goose outlet near me next they’re all in suits. Twenty years ago everyone had wall canada goose outlet uk sale to wall carpets, and now stripped wood floors are canada goose outlet paypal de rigeur. canada goose black friday sale

Canada Goose Parka The study of hypnosis gives more clues as to how these things work, and it is quite staggering how easily influenced even the most original amongst us really is. The human canada goose outlet phone number brain acts just like an on Cheap canada goose board canada goose outlet in chicago computer. canada goose outlet winnipeg address It is pre programmed to make connections, and guide our actions and reactions in response to external prompts. Canada Goose Parka

Canada Goose sale Perhaps, on an instinctive level, we humans are not too dissimilar to other creatures in the animal kingdom. If you have ever canada goose outlet toronto watched ducks in flight, you might perhaps have marvelled at them achieving a perfect ‘V’ formation. You may perhaps, have seen a collie dog rounding up a flock of sheep, and witnessed how they obediently gather together, when they could so easily divide and conquer. You will almost certainly have seen a colony of ants on the march, or observed bees swarming, or flocks of starlings swooping about canada goose outlet store near me the sky on a perfectly synchronised flight path, and wondered how they communicate, and how canada goose sale uk they know to act as a canada goose coats uk single entity. They have been invited to come up with an advertising campaign for an unlikely project, canada goose parka outlet uk and they are given a limited canada goose parka uk amount of time to produce slogans and sketches. Meanwhile Derren Brown has also produced sketches canada goose outlet black friday and canada goose clothing uk slogans prior to their meeting, and these are sealed, and left in the room with the advertising guys. When Derren Browns marketing concepts are revealed at the end of the experiment, it is immediately clear that Brown’s ideas are almost identical to those of the Ad pros. The video goes on to demonstrate exactly how this synchronicity was achieved, and it quickly becomes clear that influence takes very many forms. Canada Goose sale

canada goose deals The canada goose jacket outlet advertising industry understands the nature of influence all too well. If a message is repeated often enough, it will gradually becomed hot wired into our consciousness. Present the desired message in a particularly catchy way, and you’re surely on to a winner. Jingles, slogans, eye catching packaging, linking products to celebrities, these are all proven ways to ensure success in advertising. canada goose deals

cheap Canada Goose The important thing to understand, however, canada goose jacket uk is that I’m not canada goose outlet store calgary just talking about the influence of advertising here, although that is a powerful presence in the media and in any retail environment. I’m also thinking of visual cues, such as changing scenery, litter on the streets, other people’s clothing and behaviour. Audio cues include other peoples opinions, radio, music, and the sounds of nature. Some people are also strongly influenced by taste and smell, and the associations that they inspire cheap Canada Goose.