Vojvodina won against Partizan by 3-2 (1-1), in the 30th round of the Super League of Serbia.

In front of about 5,000 spectators at Karađorđe, the scorers for Voša were Matić in the third and 97th and Gajić in 104th, while goals for guests were scored by Tošić in the 45th and Ivanović in the 105th minute.

The teams played in the following lineups:

Vojvodina: Rockov – Lazarević, Veselinović, Saničanin, Devetak – Mitošević, Zlomislić (from 88th Zukić) – Gojkov (from 92nd Gajić), Đurić, Milojević (from 57th Nešković) – Matić.

Partizan: Stojković – Vulićević, Pavlović, Valiente, Urošević – Zdjelar, Šćekić – Zakarić (from 55th Ivanović), Pantić (from 87th Ilić), Tošić (from 98th Smiljanić) – Gomes.

Before the start of the match, a minute of silence was held in honor of the recently deceased ex Vojvodina player Dragan Bošnjak (1956 – 2019), a member of the generation that won the Central European Cup in 1977, the only international trophy in club showcases.

After the game started, already in the third minute, Vojvodina took the lead. In the middle of the pitch, Vulićević played the wrong pass to Mitošević, who then played a good ball towards Matić, and he ran behind the back of the Partizan defense, get in front of Stojković and routinely defeated him.

Only three minutes later, Partizan could equalize from a free kick taken by Tošić, but the ball went a few centimeters across the crossbar. From that moment, the guests took the initiative and had the ball more in their possession, but the result was changed from another free kick in the second minute of injury time in the first half.

This time, the free kick was at around 20 meters from the goal of Vojvodina, and again Tošić made a shot, but in this case, the ball ended in the net of the goalkeeper Rockov.

In the second half, in the 60th minute, due to the chauvinist-nationalist singing of Partizan fans, the referee Miloš Đorđić interrupted the match, and since even after three minutes such scandal did not stop, he ordered the players of both teams to leave the pitch and go to the changing rooms. Only after Partizan goalkeeper Vladimir Stojković talked with fans, the chauvinism has stopped, and after 12 minutes of interruption, the match was continued.

Subsequently, Vojvodina had a chance in 78th minute, when Devetak made a cross from the left, and Valiente hooked the ball and rolled her way under the crossbar. However, the goalkeeper Stojković managed to punch it into the corner. Due to the aforementioned interruption of the match, the game was expanded for whole 16 minutes, and in 97th minute, Voša scored its second goal in the match.

Zukić got the ball on the left side, dribbled well and then sent a keen pass in front of the goal of Partizan, where Matić only hooked the ball and from around three meters forwarded it in the corner of the away team’s goal.

That caused a huge joy of the players and fans of Vojvodina at the west stand of the stadium, and the same happened in the 104th minute, when Matić brilliantly ran the counterattack on the right side of the pitch and sent a ball to Gajić, who managed to beat Stojković and set a result 3-1 in favor of red and whites.

In the following minute, Ivanović managed to reduce the score to 3-2, but nevertheless, Vojvodina came to victory and with that secured its place in the the playoff.