Practically, just after the impressions were summed up and the celebration ended after winning the Serbian Cup, the players of Vojvodina will already start preparations for the new season. Considering that they won a place on the international scene last season, the red and whites will participate on three fronts next season, since, in addition to the Super Liga and the Serbian Cup, they will also play in the qualifications for the Europa League, where the competition will begin from the second round.

Today, the players of Vojvodina will perform the usual medical tests before the start of preparations, but this time, due to the current situation, all players will also be tested for the corona virus. The first training is scheduled for Sunday at 7 pm in FC Vujadin Boškov, where the red and whites will train until July 9, when they plan to go on a two-week, main part of the preparations on Zlatibor.