By gathering and first training in FC Vujadin Boškov in Veternik, Vojvodina players today have started with the preparations for the new season.

Due to the fact that a new Manager has still not been appointed, today’s training was led by assistant coach Nemanja Krtolica. Before the start of the training, on behalf of the club, the players were greeted and addressed by a member of the Board of Directors Dušan Bajatović, who announced that all obligations towards them would be regulated and fulfilled, while the general director Darko Jevtić said that it can be expected that Vojvodina names its new Manager at the beginning of next week.

At today’s training, a total of 34 players appeared, with practically no arrivals and no departures from the team from last season. From a loan from Bečej, to Vojvodina returned the midfielder Aleksandar Mirkov and the right back Marko Mandić, while Vukašin Pilipović and midfielders Đorđe Pantelić and Predrag Vladić are again in the squad after a season played in Kabel.

Due to obligations with the U-18 national team of Serbia, today’s training was missed by Danilo Mitrović and Dragoljub Savić, while Igor Jeličić and Dobrica Tegeltija were absent due to injuries.

That means that today in FC Vujadin Boskov appeared:

goalkeepers: Emil Rockov, Nikola Simić, Nemanja Toroman, Vukašin Pilipović;

right backs: Aranđel Stojković, Milan Lazarević, Marko Mandić, Marko Bjeković;

left backs: Mladen Devetak, Andrej Jakovljević;

central backs: Daniel Graovac, Siniša Saničanin, Ranko Veselinović;

defensive midfielders: Damir Zlomislić, Vuk Mitošević, Mirko Topić, Aleksandar Mirkov, Nemanja Ahčin;

right midfielders: Ognjen Đuričin, Damjan Gojkov, Predrag Vladić, Kristijan Živković;

left midfielders: Nemanja Milojević, Eze Vincent, Đorđe Pantelić;

attacking midfielders: Milan Đurić, Aleksandar Mesarović, Nikola Srećković, Mihajlo Nešković, Dejan Zukić;

forwards: Bojan Matić, Seku Conneh, Nikola Gajić and Milan Vidakov.

For the beginning of the next week, it is planned a trip Zlatibor, where Vojvodina players will continue with preparations for the new season, and until then, red and whitea will work and train in their FC Vujadin Boškov in Veternik.