Vojvodina coach Milan Rastavac is satisfied with the game and the result in the second control match in the preparations in Slovenia.

The Old Lady today defeated Maritsa Plovdiv with the result 3-0, and Rastavac praised his team again after the match.

– If I compare this game with the previous one, I can say that we were slightly more organized and synchronized, but again it seems that the opponent was easier than the previous one. Things coincided so that we could achieve absolute domination and practice what we wanted and score three goals – said Rastavac.

The Manager of Vojvodina gave a chance to two lineups to play for 45 minutes today.

– We are still in the phase of sharing the minutes equally, we will slowly change that status in the coming period. It is important to me that everyone tried to answer the tasks in the best possible way and to see the progress in the game – Rastavac explained.

He also revealed what he expects from newcomer Yves Baraye.

– Baraye will be involved in the full training process from tomorrow, and he should bring us greater breakthrough, he has very pronounced individual abilities and we want to play on that card, so that he brings us a surplus on the flanks – Rastavac pointed out.

In the end, he revealed that there is still no information on the seriousness of Majstorović’s injury.

– I have no information about the seriousness of Majstorović’s injury, but Lazarević will return from tomorrow, and we also expect Novevski to join the training soon – Rastavac concluded.

Vojvodina will meet Slovenian Koper in the third control match, on Sunday at 6 PM.