After more than a two-month break, Serbia’s football league continues this weekend. In the first spring round, Vojvodina at Karađorđe is expecting a match against the city rival Proleter, and in the squad of the red and whites they hope and believe that with the victory they will start the second part of the season and thus in the best possible way continue the fight to win the place that leads to qualifications for the Europa League next season.

According to Vojvodina goalkeeper, 25-year-old Emil Rockov, the atmosphere in the squad of the Old Lady is great and everyone can hardly wait for the match to begin.

– Of course, our goal is to win. I think we had good preparations, and we are fully ready to face the challenges ahead. We are eager to prove ourselves further and achieve the goals we have set, and I believe that we will show it already in the first spring round – says Rockov.

There are a lot of former Vojvodina players in Proleter, so it is no wonder that the players of the two teams know each other very well.

– Proleter is my former team and I know a lot of their players, but I never commented on my opponents, nor do I approach matches that way. I am focused only on what our goal is and how we can implement on the pitch all that we have agreed before the game. I only deal with rivals in terms of some tactical analysis of their play, but that is something that we go through with the members of the staff and remains solely within the team – Rockov points out.

One of Old Lady’s fans favorite players hopes the red and whites against Proletar will have enviable support from the stands.

– Although the time of the kick-off may be a little unpleasent, of course I would like the stands to be as full as possible and to have as many people as possible to support us. It means a lot to us players and I think we deserve to be watched, because with that, at the same time, we get some kind of recognition for everything that we do for our Vojvodina, which fans love and support so much. I hope that the stadium will be well filled and that at the end of the match we will have a reason to celebrate – said Rockov.

The match between Vojvodina and Proleter will be played at Karađorđe on Saturday from 6 pm and tickets for this match will be available for free at the box office. Tickets for the West can be picked up at the main box office (between the west and south stand), tickets for the East can be picked up at the box office at the eastern stand (next to the Ognjište restaurant), while tickets for the North can be picked up in the Vojvodina fan shop on the north part of the stadium. The box offices will be open on match day, an hour and a half before the kick off.

Also, for this match, season tickets of FK Vojvodina will be valid, but only those for the season 2019/20, while season tickets from last season are no longer in use.