After yesterday’s match against Arsenal, footballers of Vojvodina today performed a new training session on the preparations in Belek. By the decision of the Manager Radovan Krivokapic, and in consultation with the medical service of the club, the players who played yesterday 60 minutes against Arsenal today trained only in the gym, while the rest of the players ran out on the pitch in FC “Titanic Deluxe Belek” and in the cheerful, but the working atmosphere worked by a work plan made up by a coaching staff of red and whites.

After the initial warm-up and popular “cheese”, Voša’s players switched to tactical exercises in the game set by Radovan Krivokapić, after which they still practiced the center-shots and realization in the final of the attack.

Together with them, Ecuadorian Ronaldo Villa (21) was also training today, a footballer who arrived late last night at the Titanic Deluxe Golf Belek Hotel. He came to Vojvodina for a trial from the Clan Juvenil team from his native country and is a left-wing player, alternatively a striker, and in the following period he is about to try to persuade the coaching staff that he deserves to wear the shirt of Old lady.

Regarding the health situation in Vojvodina, for minor injuries, the attacker Seku Conneh (23), who has muscle stretching, has complained, as well as Ranko Veselinovic, who got a tremendous kick in knee against Arsenal. Nevertheless, they have been training with reduced intensity today and are expected to be involved in the full training process soon.