Only two days remained until the match between Mačva and Vojvodina in Šabac, within the 16th round of the Super League of Serbia. This week, Vojvodina’s players train hard in their FC Vujadin Boškov, and as the day of the game slowly approaches, their thoughts are being focused on the specific tasks they will need to do in order to return home with three points, which is certainly the goal of the red and whites in the upcoming match.

However, even though it will have attacking ambitions in Šabac, Voša’s team will certainly also have to pay attention to the defense, which has functioned well in most games this season. After all, Vojvodina received 15 goals in the first 15 rounds, and only Čukarički (eight), Partizan (nine) and Red Star (10) received less.

Great contribution for this goes to central back, 25-year-old Siniša Saničanin, who points out that his team in Šabac expects another not difficult game.

– We will certainly have one tough match against Mačva. After all, for us, so far every match was tough. However, we will go for the win and if the whole team does the best it can, I am convinced that we will have no problem to win three points. I think we all have to do our best to bring back the form that we had in the first seven-eight rounds this season, when we played really well and were at the top of the table – says Saničanin.

Despite the recent high defeat against Partizan, he is pleased with what his team did in the first 15 rounds of the season.

– I am satisfied and I think we must all be satisfied, especially if we take into consideration how it was last season. We are now third in the table and by the end of the season we have an obligation to be at least among the top four, because that is the goal that the club has set. We just have to go on like this and try to raise our form to an even higher level, and I am sure that, in that case, we will achieve our goal – Saničanin notes.

However, it will not be easy to secure a place that leads to qualifications for the Europa League, especially as there are more teams this season with identical ambitions like Vojvodina.

– In addition to Red Star and Partizan, I see Čukarički, TSC and Radnički as the main candidates for places in European competitions. These are all very quality teams, and the difference between us in the standings is very small. That is why I expect a rather uncertain fight until the end of the season, but I believe that we will still be able to achieve what we want, which is Vojvodina’s performance in Europe again – Saničanin said.

The match between Mačva and Vojvodina in Šabac will be played on Saturday, starting at 2pm.