The regular session of the Assembly of the Veterans Association of FK Vojvodina was held today in the hall of the stadium Karađorđe, where members of the Association, as well as members of the public, were introduced with everything that the Veterans Association has done in the past.

Addressing the attendees, the president of the Veterans Association and member of the 1966 Vojvodina title-winning generation, Vasa Pušibrk, emphasized that the Veterans Association, as an officially registered legal entity in Agency for Business Registers, made contact with the Vojvodina Football Federation and the Secretariat for Sport and Youth of the City of Novi Sad , and reminded that the veterans of Vojvodina participated in organizing the Stevan Nešticki Memorial this year, and that on that occasion they also made contact with the football club from Leskovik, named after the tragically deceased former Vojvodina football player.

In the past, the Veterans Association paid a great deal of attention to finding financial and other types of help for ex-Vojvodina players who were and still are in a difficult health and material situation and, for those who have passed away, have organized memorials in FC Vujadin Boškov and helped their families by paying all the funeral expenses.

At the same time, the Veterans Association appropriately marked some important dates from the history of FK Vojvodina, such as 105 years since the club was founded, 30 years since taking part in the Inter-toto Cup final and 30 years since winning the second league title.

The Veterans Association of FK Vojvodina was also active in marketing, and in addition to positioning on social media, it organized the production of T-shirts and flyers, as well as the popular Voša wine, which, after friendly matches and other types of events, was given to representatives of other clubs and sports friends with whom good relationships have been established. Also, the Veterans Association helped organize the promotion of the movie “From title to title” by Miroslav Vislavski, which in a great way traces the history of the club from its founding until 1989, when Vojvodina became Yugoslavian champion for the second time.

Emphasizing his satisfaction with all that has been done in the past, President of the Veterans Association Vasa Pušibrk said that the Association currently has around 50 active members, who regularly gather at the Karađorđe VIP lounge every Thursday. He expressed his hope that as many younger veterans of Vojvodina will be involved in the work of the Association in the future, especially in order to play friendly matches with veterans of other clubs, and announced that are already in plan matches with veterans of Rudar from Vrdnik, Partizan from Belgrade, Jadran from Golubinci, Bačka from Begeč, etc. Also, according to him, veterans still intend to work on the promotion and popularization of the club itself, by creating a mini-monograph, badges, T-shirts, flags and jerseys, and the possibility of opening an official museum of FK Vojvodina is also in plan.