Vojvodina won against Zorya from Ukraine by 2:1 (0:0), in friendly match played in Belek.

In front of about 50 spectators in the FC “Titanic Deluxe Belek”, the scorers for Voša were Gojkov in the 79th and Stojković in 82nd, while goal for Zorya scored Ivanović in 81st minute.

The teams played in the following lineups:

Vojvodina: Rockov (60. Simić) – Lazarević (60. Stojković), Veselinović (57. Graovac), Saničanin (60. Jeličić), Devetak (from 60. Jakovljević) – Zlomislić (from 60. Mitošević), Topić (from 60th Milojević) – Đuričin (from 60th Gojkov), Mesarović (from 60th Djuric), Neskovic (from 60th Sreckovic) – Gajic (from 60th Conneh).

Zorya: Nunes (from 46th Mazapura) – Lunov (from 20 Ruiz, from 46. Mikailichenko), Kamenjuka (from 46th Cheberko), Gromov (from 46th Timchuk), Vernidub (from 46th Checher) – Kocergin (46. ​​Bilji), Litvin (from 46. Komcenowski), Kazakov (from 46. Rozeiro da Silva), Karawayev (from 46. Liedniev) – Arauho da Silva (from 46. Zahoruiko, from 72. Ivanovic), Budkivsk (from 46 Maiboroda).

The first opportunity of the match was seen in the 14th minute, when Lunov went well alongside several players of Vojvodina and played the ball aside to Kocergin, who shot at about 10-11 meters, but right in the goalkeeper Rockov. Just minutes later, Budkivsji used a good cross from the left to send a header but Rockov once again reacted well and placed the ball into the corner.

Zorya was the team that controlled the ball more and sent more strikes to goal, but none of those weren’t serious opportunities for score. Only in the last half an hour, Vojvodina managed to free itself from pressure and on several occasions came into the situation to take the lead, which happened in the 79th minute.

Conneh put pressure on goalkeeper Mazapur and forced him to make a mistake when trying to kick the ball, so the ball came to Gojkov, who shot from about eight to nine meters. On the way to goal, the ball hit one of the players of the Ukrainian team, but still crossed the goal line, so the red and whites came into the lead.

However, already in the 81st minute, Ivanovic used the good cross of Rosieri Silve from the right and managed to defeat Simic, but only a minute later, Voša again took the lead.

Milojević sent a pass into the penalty area of Zorya towards Stojković, who went well next to one opponent’s player and precisely shot under the crossbar from about eight meters distance and brought a new joy to his teammates.

By the end of the match, both teams played very openly, as both teams tried to reach another goal, but there was no change in the results, so Vojvodina achieved victory in its first friendly match during preparations in Turkey.