Capital One Among Credit Card Companies With Most Complaints

aaa replica bags Consumer advocates cheered and the banking industry fumed when the purse replica handbags Consumer Financial Protection Bureau made its credit card complaint database public last week. Banking analyst Ken Thomas got to work. Thomas sifted through this mountain of data Replica Bags Wholesale and crunched numbers to figure out which credit card companies are Handbags Replica the best and the worst wholesale replica designer handbags when it comes to satisfying their customers. aaa replica bags

high quality replica bags The gold star goes to USAA, followed by HSBC. USAA has only 90 complaints and HSBC 171 the fewest complaints in proportion to the size of their customer bases, respectively. Discover, American Express and JPMorgan Chase, in that order, round out the top five. high quality replica bags

buy replica bags Who at the bottom of Wholesale Replica Bags the list?That dubious distinction goes to SunTrust. The large Replica Designer Handbags regional bank has the highest Fake Designer Bags rate of complaints against it, according to Thomas research. It surprising, he notes, replica handbags online given that SunTrust is a relatively small player among the titans high quality replica handbags of the credit card industry. Still, it managed to rack up 45 complaints half as many as USAA, an issuer Replica Bags with a aaa replica designer handbags footprint many times SunTrust size. buy replica bags

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best replica bags online In the worst to first list, TD Bank is number two behind SunTrust, followed by GE, Capital One and Barclays, in that order. best replica bags online

luxury replica bags is the first comprehensive analysis of 13,502 credit card complaints filed with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau for the second half of 2011 and most of first half of 2012, Thomas says. (Right now, the CFPB public database contains only the complaints that have been filed since June 1. Thomas got the whole batch of complaints by filing a Freedom of Information Act request, and calculated banks market share by looking at data they provide to regulators.) luxury replica bags

The 18 banks with more than 45 complaints each in replica handbags china his KnockOff Handbags analysis make up 98% of the total number of Replica Handbags complaints in the CFPB database. Capital One and Citigroup, the two banks with the highest number of complaints, together comprise 38% of all complaints.

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high end replica bags But looking at this number Designer Fake Bags alone doesn give a clear picture of how good a bank is at responding to customer complaints because it doesn take into account how big the companies are, Thomas says. For instance, although Citigroup accrued 2,378 complaints a bit less than 18% of the total it also the biggest issuer, with roughly 20% of the credit card replica Purse market, according to Thomas research. high end replica bags

replica bags from china only makes sense that the biggest credit card issuers will replica bags have the most complaints by the law of averages, he points out. Capital One, which racked up the highest number cheap replica handbags of complaints with 2,713, has about 8% market share a little less than half of what Citigroup has. This is why Capital One comes in third on Thomas worst to first list, while Citigroup is down in 12th place. replica bags from china

best replica designer bags These are the nuances American consumers should understand and keep in mind when evaluating their credit card choices, Thomas says. is just another reason why Designer Replica Bags we need the new bureau. Not just for consumer protection, but Fake Handbags also education. 7 Credit Myths Even Smart People Believe best replica designer bags.