Since the state of emergency was declared in Serbia, Vojvodina footballers have been training under a special regime of work. Following the example of the leading European clubs, the red and whites have recently started with joint online training, and another novelty has now been implemented into the work of Voša’s first team, as they began with the use of the Titan Athletes software.

In the spirit of dealing with the current situation, with the help of this software, red and whites’ fitness coach Saša Semeredi is now able to live or retroactively monitor the activities of Vojvodina’s players during their running, regardless of where they are in Serbia.

For example, in this picture you can see the village of Rabrovac, where Vojvodina’s player Nikola Andrić currently is and does the running plan that was set for that day. Using GPS on the phone (which is not as accurate as more expensive equipment, but it can provide indicative data), fitness coach Saša Semeredi is able to track where Vojvodina players are, where they are going, how fast, and many other parameters.

There is no doubt that, under the current circumstances, Titan Athletes is an extremely appreciative software. Given that the Old Lady players are already conducting joint online strength training, and by the end of the week will also start working on the indoor bikes provided by the club, the use of this software is practically the last part necessary to track player activity, thus essentially capturing the idea of monitoring their workload during a forced break.

Although the reliability of the obtained data is low and does not represent a material for deeper analysis, some parameters, such as total distance covered, average speed, etc., can certainly be used for comparison with what has been given.