After a little more than three weeks of rest, Vojvodina players gathered back today in the early morning. More precisely, in the Health Center in Liman, half of the red and whites gathered, and, with the help and instruction of the kind staff of this medical institution, passed the necessary medical tests before the start of preparations for the second part of the season.

All Vojvodina players who have not done this today will do the medical tests tomorrow, in order to be ready for Thursday, when, starting at 10 am, at FC “Vujadin Boškov” is scheduled the first year’s training and start of the preparations for everything that Voša expects in the coming months.

In the FC “Vujadin Boškov”, the team will train until January 23, since the day after it is planned to go on two-week preparations to the Turkish resort of Belek, where, like last year, the FK Vojvodina expedition will be located in a magnificent five-star hotel “Titanic Deluxe Golf Belek”.